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Too much T can kill you...what?

This is a message from another forum on the web. I thought I’d post it so you guys could get a laugh. Now the poster is actually an accomplished natural bodybuilder with a degree as a dietician, but obviously has no clue when it comes to the juice. Check it out:

"On 02/09/2001 8:32:17 AM, **** ***** wrote: >wat r the side effects of >taking testosterone >surely if its only long term >use that is bad its worth >taking in short bursts the >pro's far outway the cons

Reply by ****** *****:
One side effect would be going to jail…T in the pure form is very dangerous and illegal…I would not advise even thinking about taking T…Too much and you can die, plus half the time you don’t know what you are getting.

My opinion, stay away from that junk and build it the natural way…There is no room for that garbage.

Look into some prohormones, like andro and nor-andro…they are legal, and considered a natural way to increase T…But they are not even proven to work.

Just bust your a*s in the gym and your bodies response will be to produce more T…This in turn will give you those results you want…"

damn, this testosterone stuff sounds bad!..