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Too Much Sweat, Suggestions?


Temperatures a rising - gyms too! (Im sure we have all felt this)
Maybe its due to a bunch of guys breathing out like they have fire in their lungs or perhaps the gym owners are thinking more about the utility bill than their members comforts.

Whatever the case now every time I try to write down the weight I lifted in my training journal I am only able to see streaks of black as the sweat bleeds through the paper. What I have tried

Pencil - Even more difficult
Wiping down with towel - its like a devils oven in there! Cause I do that and immediately start sweating buckets again - literally fallin on the pages (wheres the water boy when I need him!)
Thicker paper - nope no use still unreadable

What I haven't tried - apps - Ive toyed around in the playstore but nothing feels reliable I get lost using them and I don't want to be frustrated fidgeting with my phone.

Gloves - I am not afraid of calluses and to be honest I really hated having girls say "ooooo your hands are so soft" - Yea I have spent so many hours hoisting weights and you tell me it looks like I have been picking flowers all day and trying lotions at bed bath and beyond. To me thats the same as someone telling me I look like I never have lifted or touched a barbell in my life. Why should I care what others think right?

So TNationers I turn to you as all source of power and wisdom. Yea that was lame but uh if someone has some ideas other than telling me I should wear gloves and sweatshirt you have my attraction! =)



For what it's worth, I write my log down on my phone using a notes app - most already have one, it's basically a word processor.
Though if you're sweating to the point that objects around you start to disintegrate you probably don't want to be holding your phone so much.
Also, wear gloves, all the time. How else will people know you lift?


Is that why your toast is so smeary?

Use chalk, get a towel


You can get water proof paper now. It's expensive though. But are you writing a novel or something? Wipe yourself down. Scribble the reps. Done. Can't get that wet so quickly


Use your phone, text yourself the weight lifted. Get home, get less sweaty, write it down.


You've never been to that part of U.S. in August, have you?

OP stated the following:

OP, if you want to keep it old school with paper logs, then get hold your notebook UP at approx. face level and jot down your numbers. As long as you hold the pen at a slight downward angle, the ink will still flow. Just make the notes legible and transfer later at home to spreadsheet or a more formal log book.



Get a small notebook, cup the back or hold just one corner with non-writing hand, hold it up away from the sweat dripping down, tilt the pen slightly downward so the ink still flows, and scribble your numbers keeping your writing hand off the paper. Transfer to spreadsheet or more formal log when you go home.


  • LOL No my toast is smeary for an entirely different reason =)

Haven't used chalk since HS.


Thankyou. Everyone has given such marvelous suggestions =) For those who want to know and for those who can relate

I decided to go with MaazerSmiit suggestion - the notes app in the phone. So far no disintegration =)