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Too much Surge?

I admit it. I’ve become addicted to Surge. I can’t see myself not drinking it with my workouts now that I’ve done it the last couple months. My pumps are better, energy is up, and recovery seems to be improved right after I lift. Getting to the point, I’m starting the 2nd phase of the Growth Surge Project next week with MAG-10. My plan was to use the 2x/day workout plan and use Surge for both. I want to use 2 scoops before and after workouts, so 4 scoops/workout. Is this too many carbs for workouts? It equates to 50 carbs per serving. It’s expensive yes, not much more than food, but I happen to believe its well worth it.

My first instinct is to say it’s overkill, but then again I haven’t tried it. I know people who use a full dose before and after each training session, but they only train once per day. All I can suggest is that you try it and see what you think. If you get substantial improvements, then go for it. If a double dose doesn’t make a noticeable difference over one dose, then save your money and use it as recommended. If you decide to try this for a few days, be sure and give us your feedback.

I’m just bumping this. I’m going skiing in a few weeks, and I expect to be skiing for about 4/5 hours a day. Would surge help me, or should I go along with lots of carbs.