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Too Much Sugar PWO?


for my PWO shake i have:

1 scoop whey
100grams of banana (1 med. banana)
.5 TBSP gatorade powder
1 cup milk

Nutrition calculations come out to be:

Calories 343 calories
Protein 34.2 grams
Carbs 51 grams
Sugar 46.4 grams

evaluating my PWO shake do you think i have too much sugar? I know i need malodextrin and dextrose but yet to get some. do you think i should add more Carbs and take away sugar? i just recently replaced honey w/ gatorade powder. but this is what iave been doing for awhile and im not sure if im following the right path or not... Thanks for any responses


I've read 2:1 ratio of sugar to protein. If anything, you've not enough.


i guess ill add the other half of gatorade powder to the mix and see how it works out.


Just out of curiosity,
why not just buy some Surge?


i dont even know where to buy dextrose or malodextrin let alone Surge.

im a poor highschool kid who works 18 hrs a week who can barely pay for his own gas money lol... im trying to stick to the basic needs and the cheapest