Too Much Squatting?

Well, I don’t know what your experience level is-- but if you’re just starting out, squatting three times a week can be quite brutal. I built up to it over time, and have never had any problems. Moreover, if you’re asking questions about your form, you don’t need to be squatting three times a week so heavy your knees are hurting.

In my little opinion, it takes TIME to learn proper squat technique. As far as depth, find your comfort level. There are so many factors involved in your depth. As long as you’re parallel, you’re good. I squat “ass-to-grass” now but it took me some solid time and practice to comfortably do it and I am a “long femur guy.” I started out doing parallel because I didn’t have the flexibility or overall strength to support that position.

My recommendation… Stop squatting moderately heavy three times a week. Take some time to learn the squat. You can make great progress doing squats once a week, don’t care what anyone says. Just make that day count!

Some of my all time favorite squat videos, Squat Rx:

Squatting 3 times a week is overdoing it. If your squatting this much then you really have no idea if the source of your pain is overuse or any other number of problems. Read articles by Dave Tate, Dan John, Eric Cressey, Mike Robertson. Foam roll, stretch, learn how to squat with your bodyweight properly. Work up from body weight squats, then plate squats, then front squats, onto back squats. There is no rush.

Also your first post in this thread mentions fat loss. Training is seconday to diet in losing fat. If strength is your secondary concern and fat loss is your primary goal then there should be no problem with dropping 3 times a week squatting.

Thanks a lot for the inputs till now guys.
I lowered the weight a little and worked on my form a little. I squatted 5x5 two more times since the last post and the knee pain has not come back yet. Looks like I f’d up my form previously and that caused the knee pain.

Regarding fat loss, I thought squatting regularly helps. I will go with the advice of the more experienced - if squatting three times a week is not a good idea, please suggest me a good program. How is CT’s destroying fat?

Looks damn intense.

I want to lose fat, but also take advantage of the fact that I am a beginner and make some strength gains.Any suggestions will be really helpful.

Thank you.

That program is exactly what you are looking for. Just don’t go nuts with the dieting. Cut calories a little bit while cleaning up your eating habits. After a couple weeks, cut calories a little bit more… then a little bit more.

If you get to the point where where strength gains are stalling before you consider yourself ‘lean enough’, which shouldn’t happen because you’ll drop fat pretty damn quick, then just up the calories a bit until you start seeing strength gains again and keep on truckin’.