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ARGHHHHHH!!! So much snow here in the DC/MD/VA area!!!.. I cant even get out of my driveway. Weather forecast are now predicting 2-3 feet of snow when it is all said and done. Damn cant go to the gym today and probably not tomorrow. Hopefully by Tuesday things will turn out alright. Guess Ian King’s “Death by Bodyweight” leg routine will do it for me tomorrow.

Mr. Squataholic

The weather advisory is through monday at 6pm… good luck getting out on tuesday! ;-). Yeah, I’m getting a nice lower back workout shovelling the driveway every hour.

I completely feel your pain. I’m visiting at Towson University right now, and I certainly don’t think I’ll be able to drive back to NY anytime soon. Looks like some body weight stuff and HIIT on the dorm stairs.

Hey, Mr. Squataholic, “cross-train” – that’s what I did today. :slight_smile: I shoveled my sidewalk and my deck – twice already. Then I shoveled my elderly neighbor’s sidewalk. Your driveway is calling you. :smiley:

I agree!!! I need to go to a nice tropical place…

Right now it’s a pleasant 64 degrees in southeast Washington. Not bad for February!

I did some HIIT today to. I ran up the hill like I usually do (well maybe slower with 10-12 inches of snow on it), but then I got to sled down! Much more fun than walking/jogging down. My sled was just a flattened out cardboard box.

You need a nice big blizzard once in a while. My college canceled classes on Mon and I have my home gym and plenty of food so I’m set. Getting to work tomorrow is gonna be a bitch, that is if nobody has a snowmobile I can borrow. I’ll have two workouts tommorrow. My normal weight session and probably the more intense snow shoveling workout. You guys should try it! Actually most of the east coast will probably be doing that same workout.

Here I am getting up at 5am as I normally do to get ready to go to my gym before I go teach. As I took a deep breath to look out the window…Homer mode DUHOOO!!!..Cars on the side of my street are half covered. The snow my deck are up to chest level. Damn…more cardio and HITT training. Schools in the DC area are probably gonna be closed on Tuesday too. 4-5 inches is fine with me but 2 feet!!!

Mr. Squataholic

In Ashburn we have 22" inches and it’s not over yet! We dug our cars out with some tupperware lat night (no shovels). That was some pretty decent cardio…Looks like it’ll be Tues. before anything really gets moving around here.
The sledding should be great though.

A Sequoia was almost stuck on my block last night and we must have had 6-8" since then. 4WD will not cut through this stuff unless you have a hummer. My quads and Hams are sore from shoveling but I’ll go outside again soon.

My sons play Ice hockey and generally hell has to freeze over for hockey to get cancelled. It did.

That sucks. I spent Saturday with friends by the pool. Catching some sun, playing frisbee and tennis. I even jumped in the water, but it was a bit too chilly for me. Awesome day for us.

But thanks to that damn storm in the NE, it brought a bunch of rain yesterday and ruined my outdoor plans!

Boo fuckin’ hoo. All of you.

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If you think that the snow covered driveways are bad…imagine people who have to fly in this weather!!! Ack!!! I had to call United’s Premier Executive 1K desk (that’s the highest level of status you can achieve with them) and I had to call 10 times or something before I was put on hold for an hour just to be told that my flight…again…was canceled. The earliest one I can take to San Fran is at 5:30 PM tomorrow if I’m lucky and can make it to the airport. AcK!!! my manager’s going to be so unhappy!!!

We’re all fucking morons. Why aren’t we living in San Diego?


Spent the weekend on Mekena Beach Maui, entertaining refugees from California and Montana, the body surfing was great. The whales were singing!

Come visit!

Tell me about. No power here due to ice.