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Too Much Sleep?


I was wondering if theirs such a thing as too much sleep? Being summer, I can sleep for 12 hours easily. Im also bulking, so that means less amount of time to cram food down. Any opinions?


No expert here, but I think once you hit a certain amount of hours, 9-10 your pretty set. In the summer I follow the (well when not working) wake up when you wake up. But I made it a point to get up when I do wake up granted I slept at least 8 hours. Otherwise I'm dragging all day...12-13 hours of sleep is like getting 4hrs of sleep for me. It's just not optimal for me.


I actually read somewhere that too much sleep can fuck up your hormones.


Don't confuse needing to rest with being lazy, use your awake hours to get more foods down.


The last time I got to experiment with lots of sleep was when I became unemployed. At first I was getting a solid 12 hours of sleep a night. After a while it settled down to about 9 hours a night. I literally couldn't stay asleep any more. It made me believe that there is literally such a thing as "sleep debt".


I wouldn't sleep any more than 10 hours..... If you still want to sleep 12 hours, wake up at the 8 hour mark and drink a shake. Maybe some casein protein before you go to sleep.


if i sleep more than 9 hours it completely FUCKS my biologic clock and schedule, on the following night i will probably won't be able to sleep on the same hours and on the next day it will be all disordered.


I'm not varying with it too much. And, especially, if I'm drained, tired or hardly able to keep my eyes open, I rather do some "NC-type" workout for 15-20 mins to get my blood flowing again than to have a nap. Naps always disrupted my nightsleep, so I avoid them. And, I try to be productive during the day to get used by the end of it, cause that helps my sleep as well. :o)

So, in order to get a good sleep with good rest, I need to be tired first. ^^


Ever tried a power nap? it works wonders.


Power nap with an espresso shot right before works wonders for me sometimes haha, kicks in right before I wake up :slight_smile:


dont know the science behind it but i always find anything over about 10 hours and i wake up tired and lethargic, 8-9 hours is perfect. With that said, i still sleep shit loads when i get the chance, jsut dont normally get the chance!


You're 21 years old.

You don't need more sleep; you need a job.

Or friends.


I've found two things:

8-9 hours seems pretty optimal FOR ME, however, those who get deep restful sleep may only need 7-8 and be able to train hard on as little as 5 or so.

AND something I truly believe (but cannot prove..) is that sleep in the AM, always feels better then sleep ins past midday eg. 11pm-7am is much better then 4am-12pm. Maybe, for me, this is just the mental factor due to seeing the most productive and successful people start their days early (and often train early), however, I'm of the personal opinion that if your forced to stick to a rigid be at school/out and about for <9am schedule for 16+ years of your life, that pattern is somewhat engrained and your body wants you to be close to it.

If anyone has any science to backup the latter point, I'll feel like a genius, if not, its just my opinion..


Every hour you sleep before 00h worths for 2 or something like that.


yup! that's part of the power nap.