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Too much Sex

I just want to vent here, but I’m sick of Christina Agulaira, or how ever you spell it. Its not so much I’m sick of her…just her lack of clothes…I know I’m gonna get hammered here…but its getting all crazy…she is always half naked… with feathers and stuff all in her face. C’mon put some clothes on! There is no reason i have to see her vag…every five seconds … and take off some make up or atleast get rid of the feathers…im sick of seeing them all the time…maybe im just nutz…or maybe im just sick of turnin on MTV and seeing her whoo whoo
Anyone else feel the same?

…he said as the thread quickly faded away…

I am not againt half-naked women. But I agree. She has a really bad look right now. Very crack-whorish with all that make-up and stuff. I do like her new little pooch belly for some reason. If she cleaned herself up a little, I wouldn’t mind it if she was half-naked all the time. As it stands now, when I look at her, I think STD.

Whenever I see people complaining about MTV, I have to laugh. Turn off the stupid MTV! Problem solved…

Crack-whore is the word. She looks like a tramp at the moment. I’m all for semi-naked women, but she could look much better.

I agree that C.A. is about as skanked out as they come, but pretty much all the women on TV are skanked out IMO. Lumpy, the problem with MTV isn’t that people like us who object to it can’t turn it off, but rather than 10 year-old girls who don’t know any better watch it and develop twisted ideas about what they should look like, act like, and value.

I did turn off MTV years ago. I would watch it again if they brought back Beavis and Butthead. That would be cool…hehe yea hehe. I have seen that rap video where the the rappers are all up in the camera posturing and bragging about how bad they are and how many women they have ,cars,money etc.which one is that? Oh yeah, thats every goddamn one.

Remember when MTV played music being performed my musicians? BRING BACK HEADBANGERS BALL! and B&B. I need TP forddddd my BUNGhole!

I swear to God last time I saw aguilera I thought it was Boy George making a comeback…very scary

She looks like a two-dollar crack whore, to be precise.

I’d fuck 'er

Conan O’Briend had a great comment about this on one “In the year 2000” bits.

"In the year 2000, in an effort to save time, instead of going to see her gynocologist, Christina Aguilara will simply send him a copy of her new video."

I about had whatever I was drinking shooting out of my nose. Very well done.

To quote Sheryl Crow: “We got rock stars in the White House and all our pop stars look like porn”

Sheryl Crow, now there’s a woman that’ll make you work for it and make you damn happy you did.

Wow…I’m actually surprised to see all this anti-C.A. material…well, except for pat’s simple but eloquent reply :slight_smile: Is the t-mag readership getting prudish or just showing maturity? And how many of her unmarried, unattached critics would turn down a roll in the hay with the crackwho…um…songstress?

I agree, I’m tired of seeing her vag all the time too. Plus, it’s making my breath funky.

Oh I’d do her. Now that she’s put on some weight she’s hot. :slight_smile:

I’d do her, but there isn’t anyway I would be seen in public with her. Who wants to walk around with a chick that doesn’t have any clothes on? Besides the dude who made the post about outlawing clothes.

First of all MTV sux, second Chritina half naked really pisses me off. I would rather see her completely naked!

I’ve actually met her, while I was shopping in Minneapolis. She was promoting her album when it was first released. I’d have to say, she looked ‘Healthy’…big boobs on a small 'lil frame. And she was tiny. AaaWW! You’ve got to understand that even though she looks whorish at the moment, it’s all an image thing…sex sells, and her production team have jumped onto the bandwagon. I must admit though that while Britney tries to act ‘slutty’ in her videos, she can’t seem to pull it off. C.A. on the other hand does look as if it comes more naturally to her. Anyways, I think she’s adorable, and i’d def ‘fuck her’.

Mace, I have to agree with you on this one. I never even turn my tv on, but she’s half naked in almost every magazine I pick up. She’s left nothing to the imagination. Another slut that’s way over exposed is J Lo