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Too Much Red Meat?

I’ve been following the CKD for some months and I love it. I have at least 5 whole eggs with cheese , butter, almonds, olive oil, and 500g of beef mince 6 days a week.
Doctors and most people I speak with say that all thar red meat is bad for me. I think is bullshit, but I’d rather have some opinions from lifters.

It’s bullshit my friend.
Red meat is fine.
Cholesterol is fine. Actually, that helps make testosterone.
Saturated fat isn’t as bad as they say either.

I could cite some different studies, but in general you should just look up “the cholesterol myth.”

Low fat diets are a product of government agencies and food manufacturers pushing a lifestyle which ultimately makes us feel sick and weak, not to mention watch your hormones tank as you lower fat intake.

If you worry, look for leaner cuts of beef and the like, but don’t worry so much

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Here, go ahead and read any of these links.
Aside from the one poor guy who has cancer and blames it on red meat, there are tons of different articles on this google search:


Here is an article on cholesterol and testosterone

This article talks about why you need cholesterol in the diet to product TESTOSTERONE

A good article that shows how higher carb diets can impact testosterone vs higher fat diets

There are more articles out there.
Just educate yourself.

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Later on in life you may want to pay attention to your red meat intake (meta analyses tend to show lower mortality rates in populations that feature diets with low red meat consumption), but until then, @the_mad_canadian is correct about its benefits. If living til 100 without steak isn’t your priority, then really it shouldn’t be on your mind.

Thanks a lot man

Just another opinion that red meat is all good, enjoy! Just a couple of additional thoughts:

-Make sure you’re getting plenty of fiber in your diet to keep everything moving.

-If possible, try to get local farm raised red meat since you’re eating it very frequently. Lots of opinions on this, but ultimately mass cattle farming is horrific, and the stuff they pump into the animals might not be something you want to ingest that frequently.

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