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Too Much Pulling Work?

Hello everyone, I’m doing a program called Greyskull 2-3 times a week with the following A/b/a, B/a/b setup and wondering if i’m doing too much pulling work.

Row- 2x6-8
Bench- 2x5,1x5+
*Chin-ups. 10-15 total reps, nothing close to difficult.
*Curls 2x8

Glute-Ham Raise-2x8
*Cable Rows-2x8

These are all done with warmups except for GHR and Chin-ups. Would like feedback on this layout

Are you progressing? If so, change nothing.

The first few years I was training I did upper back on everyday that I lifted, never had any problems from doing that. It takes years to build a thick and dense set of lats and probably a couple hundred thousand reps.

I am relatively new to this routine and lifting in general but yes I am progressing. Starting weights- Squat- 160 2x5, Bench-125 2x5, Overhead press 65 2x5. Row-125 2x8. Deadlift-2051x5. 5-6 dead hang chin-ups.

Current weights- Squat-180,2x5, 1x8. Bench-150,2x5,1x8.
Row-140-2x8, Overhead Press-80,1x8, Deadlift-2351x8. Can do 8 dead hang chin ups now. I don’t really track assistance lifts because I try to always hit 8 or more reps on the + sets which are draining. Been on this layout for less than a month. Next lifting day i’m pretty confident i can get 10+ on most of the lifts.

[quote]T3hPwnisher wrote:
Are you progressing? If so, change nothing.[/quote]


I’ve had a similar issue in terms of pulling a lot and it hasn’t had any detrimental effects on my progress. All I did was eventually drop my pulling volume a little to add more pressing because that was lagging but I’ve never regretted the pulling volume because my back got nice and strong (relatively).