Too much protein?

Is there a point where it gets excessive? I’m currently bulking with a massive eating thing, and my diet usually ends up being around 50% protein, then between 30-40% fat depending on whether or not it’s a lifting day. I’m usually getting 200g carbs or so on lifting days, with 130 or so on non lifting, most consumed either in the morning or after/during physical activity.

My ratios used to be a lot better, but I’m finding that there are only so many sources of clean carbs a guy can take. I’ve pretty much (totally) removed partially hydrogenated/HFCS/soy protein from my diet, so a large portion of carb sources disappear. Anyways, I have a fitday log if anyone is curious that I track pretty much religiously.

The point of this story is: Will lowered levels of carbohydrates inhibit my ability to build muscle? I understand glycogen synthesis and such, but I’m wondering if I need to go the extra mile to consume lots and lots of carbs to build the muscle.

I would suggest looking at “The Anabolic Diet.”

You do not need “lots and lots” of carbs during a mass phase if your protein is high, which at 50% it is. Make sure you get your EFAs to make up most of your fat.

Assuming adequate caloric intake (high enough to be gaining weight) the macronutrient ratios will vary, but most will agree on getting SUFFICIENT carbs as part of that total caloric intake.

Protein intake should stay high. Carb levels really depend on the amount of fat. Some people eat more fat and therefor eat less carbs, some people minimize fat and eat more carbs. While bulking some will argue more carbs and less fat (getting your EFAs in and keeping the rest to a minimum) is the way to go in order to keep glycogen levels maxed and insulin high and minimize fat storage. This is even more true while on androgens.

But some people, depending on how insulin sensitive (or insensitive) they are may choose to eat more fat and less carbs in favor of something like a high calorie bulk version of T-Dawg.
Sufficient implies enough to do the job.

Timing of carohydrate is important, too, but when bulking the number one thing is a quality caloric surpluss.

Are you getting stronger? Are you gaining weight? Do you feel good in the gym and during the day as well?

What works for some might not for you, too. Rarely do you see someone who isn’t overtraining, and eating a caloric surplus failing to make gains, however.

I do seem to be gaining weight/muscle, just wondering if more carbs would help that out. A significant chunk of my fats are EFAs, coming from walnuts, almonds, tuna, etc.

Would it be wise to cycle weeks, with one week high protein/carb and another high protein/fat?

I have found that the best way to gain mass is by drastically increasing your caloric intake. I have gained over 50lbs in 5 months by increasing my calories. I took in around 3000-4000 per day with around 300 grams of protein and 400-600 grams of carbs, the extra body fat is something you’ll have to get over if you really want to make big gains. My strength has skyrocketed and I have gained around 2-3 inches in most bodyparts. I would also recommend taking myostat during your bulking phase.


Yes, Lobo’s aware of the caloric thing and he’s doin that. But, “drastically increasing your calories” is a generalization and, as we all know, all generalizations are dangerous, even this one… =)

The reason I say this is because some people have a propensity to store fat much easier than others and need different amounts of macronutrients and calories to do so. I don’t know what percentage of the 50 lbs you gained is bodyfat, but for some people a much more manageable way to put on lean body mass AND KEEP IT BY NOT DIETING DOWN TOO SEVERELY is simply eating slightly above maintenance calories so that they put on muscle with minimal fat gains. Hopefully, along the way, they experiment with the maximum number of calories and what macronutrient ratios allow them to do this most efficiently.

Lobo, having weight issues in the past, would not be the prime candidate for a drastic surplus of calories. We’re tryin to get the maximum amount of lean body mass here without slabbing on chunks of extra fat which will later be cut off with some of the muscle we gained during the diet phase.

However, skinny guys with fast metabolisms, feel free to use the drastic approach.