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TOO MUCH Protein?


So, i am/have been low-carbing for the past couple of weeks, attempting to get back to to sub10%BF after a had a stint with binge eating associated w/ pot smoking. what an idiot i was! anyhow.. 'bout 190lbs. ~12%BF

daily macros ~250g protein <100g carbs <80g fat (switch carbs & fat g on non training days).

is 250-300g protein TOO much for my 190lbs body too handle? i always hear different numbers like .8, 1.0, 1.5 g protein /lbs body weight.
Dont want to be consuming too much and having it stored away as fat, which i heard is what'll happen when your body has nowhere to "put it"
training 5 days a week, cardio the other 2.

I will be increasing carb intake in the next couple of weeks, but until then.. how much protein?!?!


As long as you're not exceeding your caloric needs for the day, I'm pretty sure you're gonna be just fine :slight_smile:



250g of protein is just fine. Especially since your carbs and fats are low.


thanks guys


I weigh less than you and eat sometimes upwards of 265g on rest days bro..you're fine.


I weigh the same and sometimes eat well over 300 but then again i eat over 4000 cals and i love protien


I've been looking at this same thing. I'm studying for my CSCS and in PT school right now and as far as the standards go from the NSCA, 2.0 g/kg of bw is the top of what they recommend so for you that'd be around 170-180 g a day. If you consume more then you may just be wasting your money as it's broken down into nitrogen and ketoacids and the nitrogen is pissed out and the rest will be converted to glucose (carb) or body fat.

Our PT professor (nutrition isn't within his scope or the PT profession scope, we just get a basis on recommendations to make to patients) recommends much less around 83 g a day but that's pretty much BS and I think a recommendation for non heavy resistance training individuals. That number is also influenced by environmentally conscious groups who don't like the cost of energy needed to produce and ship protein sources.

The only other issue besides excess protein being converted to body fat is that the excess will put more stress on your kidneys which won't bother you now but could come back into play depending on your family history of renal conditions.

Long story short, you could probably save some money and your kidneys by taking in a little less protein


I aim for 1.3 to 1.5 grams /lbs.

I think you are hitting your mark well. Like Stu said, as long as you are not exceeding your calorie needs then no problem.

I love my protein! My favorite protein snack at the moment is 50 grams choc whey protein mixed with one small serving of low fat yogurt and topped with a handful of blue berries.. soo good!


1 gluconeogenisis shuts down the pathways for lipogenesis. Ergo protein wont be converted to fat.
2 people who claim you dont need more protein when lifting probably wont ever bench over 315.
3 ask for sources of why you dont need more protein, then look it up and read it. Find the holes. Everyone knows protein helps you get bigger faster so the studies are flawed.
4 all studies showing kidney damage were in elderly and not healthy people. a lot already had kidney problems.


there is no such thing as too much protein aside from calorie input. ask some lions and tigers they will tell u their kidneys are fine. eat your protein.


Only posting because I saw something about weed.



Well I pretty much quoted what I've read from the NSCA which I would expect would be scientifically based. They also did say that there "may" be issues with renal function with too much. I don't really pay attention much to how much I take in I just eat meat at every meal and usually have a PWO with about 30 g. I'm only a first year PT student so I didn't feel the need to start an argument with my professor who is actually probably our coolest professor. You can tell he doesn't lift though.

Also in reference to number 1, thats why it is stated as turned into glucose OR fat. Not glucose and fat. Probably depends on if you're deficient to a degree in glucose or not. And 2.0 g/kg of protein is still a pretty hefty amount regardless.


Regarding potential kidney damage, don't you think there would be many cases of such problems given that tens of thousands of both men and women get in WAY more than the RDA for protein each and every day?

I don't keep up on that stuff but i've also never heard of some wide-sweeping kidney problem amongst weightlifters.


I'm also a first year PT student and I completely agree that some of the professors are very limited in their scope of knowledge, that's besides the point. 80g a day would be enough to for a healthy lifestyle, but not for an athlete or weight lifter. The large amounts of protein can have an effect on the kidneys (as far as making them work harder but won't really cause kidney damage) but that is why a large fluid intake is recommended with increased protein.

It's also my understanding that excess protein, which at that point has been broken down to amino acids, can be technically stored as fat. It is possible for fat cells to take up glucose and amino acids and convert them to fat molecules. However, the conversion of protein (or even carbs for that matter) is much less efficient than just storing fat as a fat cell. Once the amino acids are converted to fats or sugar they follow the same pathways as a fat or sugar, which both can be stored as fat.

This doesn't mean I don't have a high protein intake, because I definitely do. But it is not nearly as high as most, I'd rather focus on sources of protein and timing as opposed to just stuffing down as many grams as possible. I just can't seem to understand the 350-400g of protein a day, I doubt any natural lifter needs that much to grow.


It's not that i'm intentionally overconsuming protein.. i'll drink ONE protein shake in the morning, a whey casein blend of no more than 25g protein, and no others. it's just that attempting to obtain 2200-2500 calories in a day WHILE controlling carb & fat intake is quite a task. I eat meat, lots of it. Mainly turkey and chicken, as well as eggs make up most of the protein in my day. They add up, and when i look at my food log, i see ~280g protein and am STILL under my calorie "needs".

YES I KNOW my calories are low as shit, but i want to get my BF% low as shit. once i feel satisfied with bf%, i'll increase carb intake and wont have the protein problem any longer.. BUT UNTIL THEN i wondered, so i posted.


ya, i had my stint, now im over it.


Why? I don't understand why you can't just eat healthy food when hunger kicks in. And there are healthy ways (vaporize, edibles) to ingest marijuana..


Ya.. i know what your saying, but i still think its hard, and eating healthy while high just isnt much fun. Plus i am an advocate that marijuana, atleast for myself, did give me somewhat of a hangover. I also felt "tight" and "tired"... whether it had to do with the food consumption, possibly. either way, It's detrimental to my progress in just about every aspect of my life, therefore, dropped it!


Healthy ways to injest weed? Why stop there. Why not find healthy ways to injest nicotine and alcohol. Maybe throw in some crack while you are at it and also the naturally grown poppy products. After all, weed is no worse than tobacco and alcohol. Oh, hang on... cancer and liver disease, not to mention all the social problems. OK, weed is no worse than, um, asbestos. After all, it occurs naturally in the ground. Oh, right.



dont be an idiot, weed in comparison to the drugs you listed is by far the safest drug you can take, there is
proof of this. it sound like you are completely unaware what weed can do from a medical standpoint, and that
the pharmecuetical companies can not compete with weed in terms of safety. show me the evidence that it's bad
and i mean current double blind studdies that show it's bad,then get back to me