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Too Much Protein?


For the record I am a ffb. Still somewhat fat but I lost about 40lbs with an eventual increase in strength. I have been following CT's carb cycling and I've been feeling very puffy and jiggly. I decreased the carbs by 50 from the original values which have me at 250 on high days, 200 mod. days, and 150 on low days.

My protein is generally around 300g. I am 6'1 and 218 lbs probably around 20% bf. I read on an article from another site that consumption of too much protein would cause an increased loss of test via urination. I'm not sure if it is the increased protein (I am skeptical about that) or if it is the carb intake. I've never really been huge on carbs.


Congrats on the fat loss.

You need to up your work out intensity, btw. Add some muscle, and watch the fat.

Protein rule of thumb is 1.5 (give or take .5, depending on your life style) grams per lbs of lean body weight.

Do the math, but I would just add intensity to the work out.


Thanks for the reply! I lift with alot of intensity I am doing CT's war room fat loss strategies with fasted cardio in the mornings w/ bcaa's. I suspect the carbs are making me feel flabby, but I havent felt as hard as I used to when I was doing higher volume work.


You should give the Anabolic diet a try.


Yeah, I've been considering that for a while. I was on a ketogenic diet for a couple of years.


No. You will probably increase your urea excretion in your urine (it's how the body gets rid of the nitrogen groups in amino acids) but you do not simply urinate out all of your test because of increased protein intake (or carb intake for that matter).

I honestly have no idea how people come up with some of this shit and put it out there like they know what they're talking about.

Step 1. Open Biochemistry book published in last 10 years.
Step 2. Read it.
Step 3. ???
Step 4. You're not an asshole anymore.


The edit function in this site never seems to stick so, new post:

If what you're doing is working for you with regards to weight loss just keep doing it until it doesn't anymore.


Thanks, the website also said limit fat intake to 30% which is contradictory to ad which many people have had success with.


Im growing pretty well eating 220-250 grams of protein per day...BW is 215. And I am talking about both strength/muscle growth.


yeah I just went with the parameters set up by CT which was 1.5g per lb of bodyweight. I'll probably take it down to 1g per lb. and increase my fats accordingly.