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Too much protein?

A question to all you T-men out there: can one injest too much protein in a way that it turns to bodyfat? I have been told that if my protein intake is too high that is exactly what happens. I am begining to believe this I weigh about 170 lbs and take in close to 300 grams of protein a day, and I am on a balanced diet (I a reasonable amount of carbs and fat in my diet), I have 7 meals a day and I do not eat junk food. With all that I do supplement wise (MD-6, T2, and Methoxy) and the intense training that I do, I feel that I should be a lot leaner… I suspect my protein intake. Any thoughts?

Excess calories of any kind will be stored as fat. Doesn’t matter what they come from.

SORRY that this isn’t an answer, but i have had the same question that you have. i’m 255, and my LBM is probably closer to 220. I take in 400g. of protein while doing the MAG-10. now that is a ton ! but the results have been more than i’d ever hope for. after a 4 week break, i’m going to shoot for 450+ g. of protien for two weeks while on mag-10 again.

I think that the topic of protien intake: including amount, amount per meal, amount per body weight; as means for growth or dieting, timing of feedings, and best types of protein, would all make for one awesome thread.

brider is right, also i just wanted to add that if you do overeat, gram per gram protein is slightly less likely to be stored as fat than carbs are because it takes more energy for the body to make that conversion. Additionally, protein has a higher thermic effect than either carbs or fat which serves to raise your metabolism. Even if we can’t absorb all that protein or use every last gram to make muscle, for the above mentioned reasons it’s still beneficial to eat high amounts of protein.

It’s excess CALORIES (irregardless of source) that is putting on the fat; not excess protein. You need to 1) CAREFULLY evaluate your intake 2) Monitor your weight and body composition and 3) Decrease your daily calories by 250-500 cals/day until you are “in balance” or losing, whatever your goal is.

I’ll bet ya a dollar you aren’t counting calories.

If you eat too much of anything you can get fat. It doesn’t matter if you getting too much healthy food or too much junk food you will still gain fat. I’m sure eating too much healthy food is the better choice though.

brider, KingProtein, and Mafasa are all right however, I believe your macro nutrient ratios and meal combinations will also affect fat storage and also believe protein utilation will improve and less likely convert to fat when on anabolics. Meal size and timing also will have an affect on bodies efficiency at storing fat.

Agree. I have a “personal” bodybuilding Maxim (among many!)

Calories determine whether or not we lose or gain weight, period. Macronutrient manipulation, meal timing and macro combining determine what the NATURE and EXTENT (lean tissue, fat or both) of that weight loss or gain will be.

Granted you put it in better context. Your last post sums it all up and thats the final answer.

Protein efficiency from individual to individual does vary. Those with an extremely alkaline metabolism will find they can grow and maintain muscle mass on relatively low protein diets as their metabolism tends to be very protein efficient. If you’re one of these guys you would probably also find that a protein intake as high as 1 gram per lb of bodyweight would show your urea levels quite elevated on a blood test. You might also have excessive constipation, digestive problems etc. and theoretically the extra protein could be slowing your metabolism and digestion down thus contributing to increased bodyfat vs what you would gain on a similar calorie, lower protein type diet.

To all my fellow T-men, thanks a bunch for all the helpful replies. Mufasa I believe that you are right about cutting my calories, by cutting my protein intake I will cut between 260 to 345 calories a day and I suspect that will make the difference between maintaining my BF (which is where I have been stuck) and reducing it. Thanks to all.

I do count aproximate calories, what that means is that I do not walk around with a pocket calculator but I do keep track of my intake. As I feel generous today, I do owe you a spanking new dollar!!! :slight_smile: