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Too Much Protein?, WARNING (GROSS)


Ok, well I have decided to bulk up, and I have been lifting consistently up until this passed week. Now I did up my protein intake to about 1.5 g's per pound of body weight. Now the thing is I haven't worked out this week because I lost the key to the gym at the highschool where they let me lift right down the road. I however, did not stop eating my regular 1.5-2 g's protein per pound. I am wondering if this has been the cause of SERIOUS constipation. I have had extremely small and VERY hard to pass stools, and the one time I did finally go I bled, fairly badly. My girlfriends mom whos an RN said I most likely just tore/cut something on the way down. J/W if anyone else has ever experienced this and if I should seek medical attention.

I did down my protein intake and started to eat more fiber today, I went, and it was a little easier, but still a little blood too.


You should always seek medical attention, if you're crapping blood.

Could just be hemorroids too.

You wanna hear about gross........

Read up on "barium enema"


And then imagine having it done while one female is training another female how to do it.


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Drink enough water? Probably not enough fiber than too much protein. Alot of people eat 2g/p lb, Personally I eat 1.5 or so and I've never had a problem like that.


GRADUALLY up your fiber intake until its around 30+g per day.


Blood in stool=see doctor. Not much room for questions there. The rectum (rectum? damn near killed him) is an area that does not heal easily, and due to the nature, it is prone to infections. I really can't comment more on that without knowing more, but SEE YOUR DR! Make a mental note, is your stool red and bloody, and/or black an tarry, let the DR know.

Constipation is common with a high protien diet. It's not pleasant to talk about. You are eating dense foods and, very little ruffage. Try to get more leafy greens in. There are many fiber supplements on the market, pills, powders, wafers, drinks. If you don't eat your greens and veggies, take them.
Good luck, take it easy.


We maybe should rule out also........
You're not gay are ya?


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haha no, I'm not gay, and its not hemmoroids. I really hate to go to the damn doctor, I just know I'm going to get a colonoscopy.


if your condition isn't from a lack of fiber then that's a d00d in my avatar.


I am almost positive thats the problem, I have not been eating enough leafy greens and Fiber, I know that. I have invested in some metamucal and stocked up on spinach and stuff.

Only thing I want to know is if this "tear" or "cut" whatever the hell it is will just heal on its own, or if I need medication. I won't be able to get in to see a doctor until Monday at the earliest because the clinic is closed until then, and I def. do not want to go to a hospital when I can get it checked for free.


What a crappy situation! I feel bloody sorry for ya!


How do you know?


He was right. This was gross.

At least a gallon of water a day and 25 + grams of fiber and you will not have any problems and we won't ever have to discuss anything like this again here.


because there is not pain, and no vain like thing hanging out of my hole... plus the blood is a maroon color, which means that it came from ... somewhere farther up. If its bright red or normal color then its more likely to be hemmoroids. At least this is what I was told.


I think you're right about the blood color. However, If to have hemoroids, you have to have pain and some vain like thing "hanging out of your hole".......... then I just might have cancer. <-:slightly_smiling:

Because after the rather invasive test that I mentioned earlier, my doctor told me to eat bran muffins and go away.

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