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Too Much Protein Peri-Workout?

I typically take 24 grams of whey protein 30-60 minutes pre-workout, 24 grams immediately after the workout, and then 30-45 minutes later another 24 grams. I wait an hour after that, then I eat a meal with 30-40 grams of protein from real food.

So basically:

24 grams
1.5-2 hours later:
24 grams
30-45 minutes later:
24 grams
1 hour later:
30-40 grams

Am I overdoing the protein in this time span?

There’s really no real benefit to hogging protein like that. It’s not bad but I doubt you’ll get any significant difference if you cut down.

You’ll know it’s to much when you’re farting and shitting your brains out

That’s fine and I wouldn’t consider it too much. Protein pre workout, immediately post workout and then a meal about an hour after that is ideal.

Protein synthesis comes from exceeding a threshold of leucine in our blood (the amino acid responsible for triggering protein synthesis) and can only be triggered once every two hours.

What you’re doing looks good to me. I wouldn’t change it.

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Timing is a factor but a small one. When things stop progressing this is a good area to address - assuming you have the fundamentals (calories & macros) down.