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Too Much Protein Made Me Sluggish?


So a few weeks ago in my football practice...I was lagging behind and not doing so well for some reason whether it was the weather...or me just having a bad day. I sat down for a while cause i wasn't feeling good and my trainer walked over and asked me what i had eaten that day. I said ... i had a homemade chicken (extra chicken) bbq sandwhich with cheese. He said the reason i was feeling so sluggish and shitty was cause i ate to much protein before the practice. Is this true?? Can protein effect the way I practice??


I'm now weight training and playing basketball also. I realize that if i wanna gain i have to eat more calories then i put out. But if this protein statement is true (what my trainer told me), then how could I eat more if i pretty much am working out 10x a week 2x Mon-Fri. I have basketball practice from 3:15 to 5:15. Then i go from their to the gym and on tuesdays and thursdays i speed train with my trainer.
So is what my trainer at my school saying true? or false? Cause i was under the impression that i should be eating HUGE amounts of proteins and carbs every 2 hours.


Try it for yourself.

Keep eating like you were and if you feel shitty consistently then try lowering protein for a week (moderately).

If there is no difference research what else might be causing it.

Don't jump to conclusions based on one bad day or what one trainer says.


Really doesn't sound right to me... if you ate that immediately before practice it could be part of the reason, just because you ate overall too much before exercising, but yeah with that amount of exercise you're doing each week you definitely want to eat a lot of protein, as well as a lot of everything else.


Protein takes longer to digest, if you ate it in the hour before training, and your not used to training on a full stomach, it would effect your performance.

Also if you are training at high intensity you will need to get some carbs in before and after your training sessions, so if you had a low carb meal before you trained, that can also make you feel sluggish.

Of course, you might have just been having a bad day for other reasons, tired or sick ?


Protein is the devil. It even makes your poop smell awful. Stay away from it.


Sounds like you were tired because you didn't eat enough. Or not enough carbs. Most likely both.


Caffein before practice with your carbs and protein :stuck_out_tongue: