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Too Much Protein In One Meal?


right now im trying to have atleast 170 grams of protein a day. However, when i work i rarely get time to eat or anything. So I try to make up for it buy doubling the amount of my protein shake and haveing my meals. So like in one setting im haveing like 60 grams of protein.. Is this too much?


No one on this planet could tell you over the internet whether this is always too much for your body to absorb in one sitting. If you weigh about 170lbs, I would divide your intakle into smaller portions just to be on the safe side. I generally take in about 50gr or more in one sitting but I also outweigh you by quite a bit.

Beyond that, you need to plan better. I have always found a way to get extra meals in even when I was still in school. I plan ahead. I truly don't understand those who claim they NEVER have time. All of my meals are prepared the night before. I get two meal replacement shakes and one soilid meal down at work alone. At least 3 other meals on top of that outside of work.


yeah its not the fact that i dont have enough time. It's just when im at work some days Im there for 10 hours and i only get an hour break and it just makes it more difficult. I work in a restraunt and ive started taking my food there and cooking on my break


My meals usually have around 45-55 g of protein, except for my two cans of tuna in olive oil. That has a whopping 70+ g of protein in it.

I don't think it's a big problem either, tuna is such a common bodybuilder food.


I heard that your body can only consume 30-40 grams of protein at one time. But,I think it depends on how much muscles you have,and when(on a rest day,or fater working out).


I usually keep it at 30-40 grams per meal.


Actually, your body is consuming as much protein as you stick in your mouth. And it will digest it. Whether your body will be able to utilize the amino acids or not... well, that's another question.


This seems to be a very persistent myth. Digestion is a complicated process and there are many factors which can influence a person's ability to absorb nutrients. Furthermore, I guess there should be significant deviations between individuals, i.e. an inactive elderly 110 pound woman on the one hand and a healthy 250 pound strength athlete on the other. Don't let stuff like this compromise your gains.


Hm... well, I'm 17, I weigh ~163 lbs, I'm working on moving up to 190 by the end of the school year before I head off to college, and I'm pretty new to weightlifting (just over 2 months). Maybe 70 g really IS too much? Or should I not sweat it? After all, I am trying to bulk, a little fat along the way won't hurt me and it's inevitable.


I pack three lunches the night before i go to school and make breakfast for next morning.takes about half an hour.