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Too Much Pressing in One Day?


On my chest/arms day, my chest exercises consist of low incline press and a shallower decline press (followed by my biceps)

Does using a close-grip or reverse grip bench press for my tris put this day over the top for pressing movements?




How many sets and reps do you do? How do you perform the exercises? Do you train to failure or not even close?


Low Incline I do CT's ramping stuff for about 6 reps and I do quite a few sets. Works well and it's my main chest exercise so I don't plan on changing that. I don't train to failure here, since its low reps I usually stop when I can no longer accelerate the bar.

Decline is for 8-12 reps or so. Only a few sets here.

For my tris I do close grip pin presses and I ramp those as well for 6 reps. Same kinda stuff as low incline, just for tris instead of chest. I do more afterwards but this is my main tricep exercise.


Only relevant question.

Are you making progress? Are you happy with the progress you are making (realistically speaking)?


You'll be fine.


I would be fine then. Actually, I do a lot more volume in my pressing workouts.

But Bonez is right: do you progress? That is the relevant question. What makes you fear you're doing too much?


Yes I do progress.

Basically I was wondering in terms of having a tight chest from too much push movements. My back workout includes kroc rows, rack pulls with the back shrug, and face pulls, and I wasn't sure if that was out of balance or not.

But I am progressing in ALL of those exercises.


Should be fine... Do you do any lat work on your back workout (other than what you get from kroc rows) ?
If so, that's the one thing I'd add.


I've been doing Rack Pullups of course.

Would you suggest RGB in the smith over BB CG Pin Press?


That's allright then.

Do you feel like you need more long-head work?


The long head is the inside of the tricep?

I would say my whole tricep would need work lol. I do pullover extensions as my secondary exercise.


Just a matter of making sure you're doing exercises which are actually working well for the muscle in question in your case, and progressing on them... So if your poundages are going up on these, things should work out... Unless they're going up too slowly compared to everything else.


Well last week I did CG BB Pin Presses, and they hit my tris well. But I'm not one that likes to experiment too often because its kind of hard to progress a certain exercise when you are switching it around all the time. Triceps are a body part that this seems to happen on (due to finding elbow friendly exercises, lack of good form).

I'll either carry on with CG PP, or start RGP in the smith. Whichever would probably hit my tris better. I've seen Jason Wojo's video on RGP and I could probably mock his form. How does form look for CG?



Setup is standard powerlifting setup, how much you arch is up to you of course.
Grip width is whatever feels best.
You can "pull the bar apart", especially useful when using a wider grip, but you have to see if that bothers your elbows or not.

SWRGB does little for the lateral head imo, but really helps make the arm have more sweep from the side, and make the long head look thicker... It sort of hits things on the inside though, i.e. medial and long head, far more than the outside.

Pin CG is more lateral head esp. if you flare and some medial, and that's about it for me. If you're already doing pullover+extensions, then this complements them well because they hit the long head alright...


Okay thanks CC. Good advice as always. I'll just keep progressing with Pin CG's. PL set up, just with a close grip. Pull the bar apart. Got it.


only if that doesn't bother your tendons though, so watch out for that.

Good luck!


As far as grip goes, shoulder width I'm guessing. But do I keep my elbows tucked the whole time and push towards my feet or whatever?





Which exercise? You can't push towards your feet on pin presses, can you? I'm assuming you mean free-weight pin presses though.