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Too Much Post Injection Pain, How to Reduce It?

I did my first injection 30 hours ago - 1x pharmacy Sustanon 250 mg

The injection is made to the top of the front of the thigh (rectus femoris i suppose)

An expert made the injection slowly

But it is very painful when walking and i have to workout tomorrow

So how can i reduce the pain?

How can i prevent further injection pains?

This was the first time

Waiting your replies thank you

By the way there is no visible damage on the thigh - no swelling no redness nothing

i think the needle is

3P 0.80 x 38 mm
21G x 1 1/2"

#1 would be to suck it up buttercup and do the damn squats anyways. Hell it will probably help.
#2 what kind of needle are you using? What volume of sustanon? You could use a 27 gauge needle 1/2" which is what I use and I have zero pain.
#3 Make sure your rotating injection sites. Quads. Glutes. Delts.
#4 Look at the carrier oil. Some people have allergic reactions to the carrier oil.


i think the needle is

3P 0.80 x 38 mm
21G x 1 1/2"

do need matters even a day after?

i cant change the oil of the sustanon as it comes already mixed with oil

also it was sustanon 250 mg

Everything alldayeveryday says, especially the needle size. Some people are still using harpoons when now a days a simple standard insulin size pin does the job, it’s more shallow IM and near zero pain. Just wanted to add in that Sustanon has Testosterone propionate in there and that’s known to cause more pip pain than other esters like E or Cyp.

That’s a harpoon!

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I used a 23 gauge on my delts and quads and when I pulled the needle out there was literally a hole there. I was impressed how big a 23 gauge needle was. My doc gave me a whole bag of syringes. I went and looked and they are all 18 gauge. NOPE. NOT GONNA HAPPEN.

i see

so i will get smaller gauge

how much do you suggest?

I personally use 29g the basic insulin syringe. Some oils are thicker, in that case I draw with the harpoon, pull the plunger out from the insulin pin and fill up the syringe, put the plunger back in slowly until no air bubbles and inject. It goes in a bit slower but zero pain.

I’m still guessing the Testosterone propionate might have something to do with your pip pain.

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Get 25g for VG and DG pins, insulin for delts, lats, et al. The pain goes away, I promise. And I would do legs when I pinned my quads (which I ceased after two miserable weeks) and it helped.

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Yep, get thinner needles.21G is for drawing from the vial/amp, change to 23 or 25G or higher. As your body becomes used to injections and the Sust the pain will tone down. 100% agree with Rizla, test prop in the mix is the culprit.
Also I find for me, quad injections are more painful than delts or glutes.

I use 23g 1-1/2ing to my quad. Need to make sure you are going into the muscle. If you are very low BF% and have huge quads 1” may be deep enough.

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I have 27 gauge 1/2" and have no problem injecting quads. Smooth and easy.

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