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Too Much Peri-Workout Nutrition During Cut?


I’m currently a little under 250 lbs, 20% bf and am getting 2500 cals a day with ~200g carbs, 215-230g protein and 70-75g fat. My periworkout looks like this

0830: indigo 3G
0900: hot-rox, tuna, banana
0930 1/2 serving plazma
1000-1100: (workout) 1/2 serving plazma
1130: 1 1/2 servings mag-10
1200: tuna, 2 scoops metabolic drive, 1 cup pineapple, 2 cups potatoes

Won’t always be the exact same content wise but it’ll usually come out to roughly 150g carbs, 120g protein.

So the question is, while cutting is it ok to be getting so much of my daily totals in a few hour period or spread it out more evenly through out the day?


CT often wrote about that. Most people cut it. You didn’t. You are fine.

Personal note, I would wait until below 10% for Hot-Rox.