Too Much PDE5 Causing the Opposite Effect?

I don’t know why, but I’ve noticed if I take 40mg of Cialis, or 20mg Cialis + 100mg Viagra, it almost seems to work worse.

Is there a reason for this? I also have a feeling my current Cialis generic is junk, I don’t even get the stuffy nose from it.

I don’t see how that makes sense. You may just have crap. Go get a real script as it’s easy to get and super cheap with a Good RX coupon.

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Ya I’m asking them to change me to a different brand. I’ll check into name brand too.

I think something else may be off anyways. Just quit vaping nicotine and drinking not too long ago and still feeling not 100%.

I thought Cialis and Viagra were different drugs. one was a PDE4? or something like that.
There will come a time when they all stop working and you will have to look into Tri-Mix It is your last hope unless you fancy balloon surgery? Honey where did I leave my bike tire pump? haha

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Congrats man

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Haha! I was actually fine for a while, and didn’t really need Cialis or Viagra, but seems to be something after cleaning up my lifestyle that made all this worse. I guess it can take your dopamine system a while to recover after nicotine too though. I still get plenty of morning wood.


It took a year for nicotine cravings to go away completely and for all other adjustments. Hardest thing I have ever done, but worth it.

Congrats on stopping drinking.

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If I mix cialis and viagra (both from actual pharmacy) it doesn’t work, actually makes it worse lol. I just take 5mg cialis daily and if it’s gonna be a wild weekend or I’m drinking I might take 10


Are you taking anything to help this along?

What is there to take? (That actually works)

OTC: B6 or P5P, L-tyrosine, L-dopa, mucuna purins (sp)
Rx: Cabergoline, Pramipexole, bupropion

I don’t think that is helping but actually hurting. Increasing dopamine while the receptors get upregulated is counterproductive. You want to decrease stimulation.

If I’d take something, it would be magnesium, rhodiola rosea or Ashwaghanda to accelerate CNS recovery.

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Interesting. Bupropion is used with naltrexone to help ppl quit smoking (and drinking). One stimulates while the other blocks receptors, the combo helps restore DA function.

If I was low DA I’d want to help increase it. Never really thought about receptors not being able to handle the stimulus

Yes that makes sense, since you want to fool your brain into not needing the dopamine from somewhere else. You are also right, a slight permanent increase as provided through bupropion could make OP feel better without extremely hindering recovery. But OP said he wanted to recover his dopaminergic system, which is best done by not having any stimulation.

I don’t know if you’ve heard of it, but you can completely stop the addiction to heroin if you put one in narcosis and then just stop the heroin. But he has to be deeply asleep otherwise the missing morphine could kill him.
It’s called turbo withdrawal.

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I’ve read something about this, I think. It’s a rapid detox of the receptors but you’re basically in a coma while it’s done? But you wake up with no withdrawals or DAWs. I’d rather stick to low dose Suboxone lol

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Yes exactly. It’s basically the concept of letting your body regulate the receptors back up/down as fast as possible.