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Too Much or Too Little?

I finally had a good squat day. I felt so good in the gym that I might have went overboard. You be the judge. Here’s what I did:

A1)Wide Parallel Squats: 6x275,2x315,6x285,1x335 tempo 301, rest 4 minutes b/t sets A2)Narrow Parallel Squats: 6x225 tempo 211, done immediately after set of 335 B1)Wide Placement Leg Press: 6x585,6x585 tempo 301, rest 3 minutes b/t sets C1)Narrow Placement Leg Press: 10x405 tempo 201, no rest C2)Leg Extensions w/ Forced Negatives: 11x115 tempo 201, last 5 reps were forced negatives D1)Sissy Squats: 10x10 tempo 301, no rest D2)Barbell Lunges: 6/leg x 135 tempo 201, rest 3 minutes E1)Sissy Squats: 10x10 tempo 301, no rest E2)Front Squats Drop set: 6x135 - 6x95 tempo 211

If you add it up it is 11 total sets and 2 drop-sets. My legs were on fire nontheless. My question to you is do you think it is too little? I'm in week 7 of my 8 week 500mg/week of Sustanon cycle and I'm trying to work towards 90% of my maximum next week and the following 2 to 3 weeks post cycle. Any suggestions for me to keep my strength and size during those first few off weeks would be very helpful. Thanks.

From what I’ve read… make sure you have a good anti-estrogen and eat yer ass off. Lots of steak and milk. Oh… and creatine is especially useful post cycle. Let us know how much you keep!