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Too Much Oil a Bad Thing?


After replying in another thread, it got me thinking about the health implications of drinking too much oil. Today I had about a cup of olive oil in my meal 'just because' and I calculated that meal to be about 2200 calories, which is fantastic for a bulk. I am thinking if I supplement with enough protein, could I do this every day to get to my required caloric intake?


Only if you balance it out with enough canned spinach.


that much oil would make me nauseous and make me squirt outta my ass like no other.


Squirt out your ass within a few hours, or the next day? I have a pretty indestructible digestive system, can stomach almost anything. I haven't had any problems so far, but I might be regretting this tomorrow :stuck_out_tongue:


I've a very tough digestive system but dry king a cup would make me want to hurl.

I like doing shooters of oil between or with meals (add two tablespoons of liquid amino's and it's even better) and I've never had an issue.

I'm learning my way as a competitive eater ATM and apparently there's an oil drinking comp soon, sounds like you'd do well!


There was a popular football player on the local University team that reportedly would drink a bottle of olive oil a day. Don't know how he did it. That would do me in personally. But it worked out well for him as he went on to play professional football.

Here is his Wiki page. No mention of the olive oil drinking though.


Even if you're bulking, consistently having in the neighborhood of 1.5xBW grams of fat in a single meal rather than spacing it throughout the day makes about as much sense as having an entire loaf of bread with breakfast everyday.

I'm sure people have done it in the past, but that kind of calorie bomb just doesn't make much sense in any but the most drastic of situations, even while remembering that your daily macro requirements will depend on several factors (goals, training, etc.)

Could you, taking into consideration your own digestive system, current training, and calorie needs... I guess so. Would I recommend it, no, based on nothing more than a decidedly-unscientific "common sense" factor.