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Too Much of an Obsession?


So I'v been seriously lifting for about 2 years now and its become a passion of mine.(Yes I'm in the bodybuilding forum because although I like getting stronger I'm mostly going for looks maybe thinking about competing one day) My question is can you become too obsessed?

I'll be sitting in class or at work or anywhere and all I can think about is my next workout, or how I'm gonna thin out for the summer to look shredded. Everytime I see someone out in public that looks like they have a somewhat decent physique I analyze them, and I cant find a workout partner cause no one wants to lift with me at the same intensisty or they just arent as consisten about it. I dunno am i just obssesed?


analyzing all the dudes you see is pretty gay, outside of that you're probably like a lot of guys on this site



so thats why these guys always ask for pictures.


Just don't turn into this guy and you'll be ok


I wouldn't say obsessed, but you'll feel a lot more at piece when you realize there's always going to be someone bigger than you. Just be happy with the progress your making for yourself.


not obsessed mate - pretty typical of most of the guys on this site. Just try not to grow the massive ego to go with it...


I used to be like that and I'm glad I'm not anymore.

Just became overwhelming and prevented me from doing other things in my life.

Right now I only think about the weights when I'm in the gym and food when I'm preparing my meals. Otherwise weightlifting isn't on my mind except when I flex in the mirror. I definitely talk training with people throughout the day but I'm far less obsessed with what I'm doing. I just basically get in there, do it, and get done. Been making the best progress in my life putting less thought and energy into obsessing over weight lifting.


OP sounds lame and boring. i hang out with people who are much, much bigger than you and outside of the hour we are in the gym we have much more exciting things to talk about then what g'damn rep/set range we use.

GAL, plz.




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LOL at this.

There is a pretty big difference between seeing someone who has achieved what you are trying to while analyzing how they are built and wanting to have sex with them.

I used to buy the muscle mags regulalry for inspiration and I never wanted to sleep with one guy in it despite analyzing how they were built and what made them look different from others.


I am sure most here are the same, but there is a "lifestyle" associated with lifting seriously that also spills over into how you all eat and act in public. I doubt I discuss lifting with my on and off training partner outside of the gym...but you can bet if we go out, how we eat or even what we do may just be affected in some small degree.

Hell, even in the gym we aren't talking about lifting much outside of what we are actually doing.

As far as living this, it nefer has been about talking about it all day long. It is about doing it all day long and those with similar interests get in where they fit in.

Either way, why shoot down the guy who is really excited as a newb?


This. Talking about lifting and eating right don't make you bigger and stronger. Doing them does. That doesn't mean not to seek knowledge by asking other people and discussing those things with them, but a good deal of people I know talk a LOT more about the gym than I do, yet are much smaller and weaker. We're not saying not to ever think or talk about the gym outside of the gym. Just remember...there IS a world outside of it. Don't burn yourself out.


Hahahaha well i do have a life just think I think about it too much I just mean more than I used too but just wondering how much other people think about trainning. And no I dont check out every person just when I see people that look jacked anyone on this site who hasnt done that is probrably lying.


Some of the best advice I've been given is that you need to put on some 'selective blinders' here: Focus on your own progress, not someone elses.


he asked 'can someone be too obsessed'

b/c i am helping to point him in the right direction in which he can develop good social skills.

no one likes the non-huge guy who won't stfu about lifting. honestly i woulnd't like my lifting friends if all they talked about is lifting.

to often i meet a guy who has just gotten into weightlifting who wants to discuss working out with every dude he sees out. lame


I am old as shit, so this is a bit different for me.

I go out rarely, so when I do (outside of tax season) I have a ton of shit to talk about other than lifting and work. We all have kids and houses, pets and bills, careers and balls & chains man... Shit weight lifting is that last thing we talk about.

But I deffo think about it constantly.

Am I obsessed? Maybe. But it stops me from obsessing about the self destructive bullshit I have in the past.

So in short. In your mind it is perfectly fine to feel and think the way you do. Just have a filter and understand who you are talking to when you speak. Most 'normal' people could give two shits about your deadlift, or if your kinda down because you have zero bicep peak.


The only problem I see from getting too obsessed is that you might end up overanalyzing every little detail and end up majoring in the minors. If you obssess up to the point in which every day you are questioning if what you are doing is effective then you'll have trouble improving and progressing because there is no way in hell that you're going to grow if you don't believe that what you are doing will work


aw low blow, beans. low. blow.


This sounds reasonable to me. I think I'm fairly obsessed but I am that way about everything I do. It's not really a choice as much as it's a personality flaw, that I find a way to work with to get positive results.

I think about lifting constantly but I talk about it very little.