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Too Much Of A Pump...?


Is there such thing?

I was at the gym yesterday, and I got this amazing pump. In fact, maybe too amazing, especially when I started working out my arms. When I first got my pump going, my skin got all tight and my muscles were swollen, the usual.

However, as I progressed through the workout, the pump got more intense, to the point where it felt pretty uncomfortable, and it almost even hurt a little. I felt like my skin was going to rip apart. I ignored it and finished my workout anyway, but it was definitely a cause for concern, as I've never felt like that before, and I can't think of anything different between this workout and my previous workouts other than the fact that I did start taking NO-2 again that very day for the first time in a long time (I've heard this stuff doesn't really work, but I have a No-Xplode can left over there from a while back and figured I might as well just finish the can).

Could this be it? I've been on No-2 before, and have never had a pump manifest itself this intensely (although I've never been on No-2 while bulking on the Anabolic Diet either).

This is getting into details however, as I'm really just more concerned if there is such thing as "too much of a pump", and if you feel as if your skin is about to explode, should you slow down/stop? Or just ignore it? If I ignore it, will I be putting myself at risk for any injury of some sort? It really did feel like somebody was blowing air into my arms with a hypodermic needle...

Thanks guys.


no xplode is worthless.


That really wasn't the point of my thread Zep...


I agree with zep


this thread is kind of poitless. "too much of a pump" isn't really bad it just means the muscle has been worked to the point of it hurting.


Unless of course the pump were so amazing that it made him rip a stop sign out of the ground...


... veins all sticking out and cockblocking the ladies.


Nice referance. Everyone who doesn't know what tveddy just talked about isn't a real T-Nation member yet.


It tends to "hurt" the most around my forearms. I'd like an experienced lifter to confirm this as ok to train through and nothing to be concerned about is all.


10?? IMO get him under the bar just start slow and dont limit him to that just get him active in all ways. and keep it fun but thers no reason he cant do resistance training just again start slow.

It, the loads etc, will actually put strain on bones etc which is GOOD it causes them to adapt and grow and store more calcium which will be a HUGE aid later in life



Some people gain muscle very fast. With an added pump they can get stretch marks.




my forearms always used to sore after an intense upper body workout. Mostly after Bench to chins to curls then it started hurting.

Try doing some forearm curls twice a week with like 12ish reps.