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too much of a pump???

I’m currently on a tren/test/dbol cycle and its going great so far, but with one exception. when i’m liftin, especially on days that i do back and shoulders, i get such a huge forearm pump from holdin the weight that sometimes its hard to unclench my fist. I’ll have ot almost pry my fingers off the bar. Anyone experience this before? is there a way to stop that from happening so bad like it does? or do i just have to deal with it?

hahaha. I miss that pump. havent had it in a long time.

I’d say the best way to deal with is is to wait until your done with your cycle and it doesn’t happen anymore. Then see how much of a problem you think it is:) How much have your gained so far.

well i’m only about a week into my cycle, but i’ve gained 3lbs so far. guess i’ll live with the pump for now hah. its a great feeling though when i’m doin some burnout shrugs and can’t put the weight down

try doing some pullups. then tell me how your forearms feel.

Stretching between sets as much as possible should help. Also make sure to be getting at least a gallon of water a day.

How much Dbol are you guys running when you experience this?

i’m only doin 30mgs ED ontop of everything else

I had a horrendous 7 days while on 20mg D-bol and 20mg M-1-T. My back locked up completely but after that point it went away.

HAHA that’s fucking awesome… i can’t wait to hop back on.

hey yeah thanks P-DOG, i tried doin some sets of ladder pullups and my firearms were so pumped it hurt. i think i did a total of like 45 pullups and DAMN

hey its better than being the “no pump chump!”

a big reason why why i have dbol in all bulking cycles. i saw a post over at meso asking for favorite orals. dbol ran away with it.