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Too Much of a Good Thing

I have been on HRT for six years and all has been great. I hit a brick wall last week when I was traing hard for a Spartan race. I went to the Dr. and had a blood panel done, No wonder I feel like shit. My Test Serum is 1186, TSH is 3.510 and Total Estrogens is 161.

My Doc is old school and won’t perscribe me anything for my high E, so I’m going to pay the price of not keeping numbers in check and stop the shots for about a month. I felt to tired and bad that I haven’t ran or lifted in 10 days, I just hope by Monday I can train and run for the race on Nov 10th.

What are you doing about TSH=3.5?

Get anastrozole on your own?

SHBG is probably up, so your FT should be reduced.

I knew the TSH was high but the range is 0.450-4.500, so I didn’t think it was a bad as my Estrogen???. The thing I hate the worst Ive been training for this race and its 12 days away and I feel like crap.

TSH=3.5 is a big problem. Do not be fooled by that range.

-iodine intake and iodine deficiency
-body temperature, check when you wake and mid afternoon and post here
-hypothyroidism has many symptoms that are similar to low testosterone

Read the advice for new guys sticky and note thyroid issues.

You need to deal with E2 and thyroid.

Liver problems and/or some Rx or OTC drugs can reduce E2 clearance.

What is your TRT protocol?

My body temp has been low all week 96.5-97.

Thyroid was great 3.0, Im taking 75mg of synthroid a day

What is OTC drug good for reducing E ??

DR. Script is 100 mg a week, and I know how I went over. I split my injections twice a week and I’ve been going over a lil, like 65-75 twice a week. I see now I need to stick to the 100 mg a week. Last blood work my E was 30 something and my T level was at 800, felt like a champ.

No OTC to reduce E2, but there are research chems.

You would probably feel a lot better near E2=22pg/ml.

Your body temperatures indicate that your Synthroid dose is too low. Try increasing and watch body temperatures.

Synthroid when dosed properly will typically drive TSH–>0, so you are very way off the mark there too.

Some do not convert T4–>T3 very well and can do very poorly on Synthroid. You may need T4+T3. Please post fT3 data if you have any records.

Is your thyroid getting enlarged, asymmetrical, lumpy?

I have never let my levels get this high before, so in your opinion, do you think this is why I feel extreamly fatigue?? I have felt like this for a week now.

Either one of those problems can create a lot of misery. Take action!