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Too much of a good thing? John or Cy?

Does any one know of any digestion problems associated with eating large quantities of meat. I usually consume 24 ounces of lean steak a day. I remember reading somewhere (probably in some vegetarian article) that the average person has a pound or two of indigested meat in their colon. Is there any truth to this? Is there anything I should be concerned about related to this practice? Like I said the beef I eat is lean and mad cow free. Most of my fat intake is from olive oil and flax seed oil so the heart attack arguements aren’t valid in my opinion.

Pure militant vegetarian/animal rights activist bullshit.

Meat is the easiest thing to digest besides milk. By the time it leaves your stomach a few tablespoons at a time it resembles a slurry which is then further digested in the small intestine. I eat quite a bit of meat myself, usually about a pound a day. So far my cholesterol counts are good (total 188, not sure of the HDL,LDL) but that test was a bit high. I didn’t know you had to fast for a 12 hours prior to the blood draw so I ate my regular 4 eggs and cheese for breakfast. A more accurate test would be about 160 like it usually is. It’s good to have fiber to help your digestive system work but eating a pound or two of meat a day won’t kill you.

I think the the notion of a pound of undigested meat in the colon is a line from a movie. It is true that when you eat a pound of meat that not all of it will be properly digested, but that is true of all foods, including vegetables. Whether you have a whole pound of undigested meat sitting in your colon at one time is questionable, and even if you DID have one pound of undigested meat sitting there, it certainly isn’t the same one pound all the time. There is a continual flow of matter, so it’s not like there is that steak you ate on your fourth grade picnic sitting there still. It will be the steak you had last night, along with the undigested corn, cuz as we all know, corn passes through the digestive tract totally unscathed :wink: Little-known fact: if a snake eats a kernel of corn, it will come out utterly undigested because snakes, being entirely carnivorous, have no way of digesting starches.

If your that worried pumpup your metamucil intake, and the heart problems are some what founded in that protein synthesis gives off a free radical call homosysteine, but if you get plenty green leefy vegetable, along with a good B supp(folic acid in specific) you can combat the homocysteine.

There are probably no problems associated with eating that much lean meat (as long as you dont eat all 24oz at a single serving). However, be sure you’re eating lean cuts. Even if you are eating relatively lean beef, you can really accumulate alot of fat calories over the day, all coming from saturates. Figure out how much fat is in your beef. Then figure out how much that is relative to your total fat intake. I wouldnt go above 30% fat from saturates. And if you are dieting, that should drop down.

thanks everyone