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Too Much of a Deficit?

Exactly what @RampantBadger said. No need to hurry things. We all get in this mode of wanting something and wanting it now. Do yourself a favor and eat clean, small deficit and run a program that’ll push you. By that point, you’ll probably need to eat more to keep your drawers from falling off your hips. Hell your 19 perfect time to put some muscle on. I wish I would have.

Can you post your scale weight for the last 3 weeks? You’re weighing yourself every day I assume?

Instead of focusing on energy in, try putting some emphasis on energy out.

See some logs like @T3hPwnisher or @ChongLordUno for details.


There is a thread on here where a lot of guys posted their calories. 3000 seems high to me without knowing how hard you workout.

Is it possible you are building muscle? That would keep your weight up.

Yes, if you bump cals 1000 overnight you will gain a bit of weight fast…that’s about a 50% increase in caloric intake! It still baffles me how many posters on these forums recommend insane calorie jumps, especially for guys not trying to gain back weight fast. Metabolisms don’t “break” but they are hardly static and adapt fairly quickly if you’re not diligent in how you approach a cut. Unfortunately, if you haven’t lost weight in 3 weeks then by definition, you are not in a deficit. I’m 5’11" and started my last cut around 195lb (not too far off your stats). I started my cut around 2050 cals, ended at 1500. According to online TDEE calculators I think this means I’m currently dead :smiley:

How lean are you right now? And how lean are you trying to get? I made a post earlier this year that may have some insights for your situation: When Your Cut Stalls


Quoting myself here. But I see this all the time. There are only two options for why you’re not losing weight. You’re eating too much for your activity level or you’re not properly tracking your progress.

You mentioned you weigh your food. But that doesn’t look like the case. 7 rice cakes is not a weight. 1 tortilla is not a weight. I don’t see fractional entries either.

If you’re not weighing yourself every day, in the morning after going to the bathroom, your metrics are flawed.

If you are doing both of those things 100% perfect, then you either need to up your cardio and/or eat less calories.


Wait isnt 1500 for your stats WAY too low? That’s about half your average tdee for your stats. I can see two abs I always have ever since I was shredded(i got fat but more muscular over quarantine period) the body fat scale says 18%

I do about 2 hours of moderate lifting some to failure and then 30 minutes of stairmaster hands free and it says 400 calories. Then I hit some abs. I repeat this 6 days a week

Yes ofc. I weigh myself everyday after i workout except sunday(i do 6 day PPL). I never moved from mid/high 180s to 190. I was fat my entire life then got extremely shredded 3% bf which I think might have ruined my metabolism and then I let myself go especially due to quarantine and covid and here I am.

People who are able to achieve this don’t have questions about losing weight. Now we need to see photos.


This is going to have wild results. You need to weigh yourself in the morning right after getting out of bed. Go to the bathroom, strip down, then weigh yourself.

Yeah… that sorta put a red flag :triangular_flag_on_post: on this thread for me.

At what body weight ?

One of the most inaccurate device around …

That’s what I’m saying. Online calculators mean nothing. I did what was necessary to hit my goal.

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To answer your question, no not too much of a deficit. no your metabolism is not fckd.

what I would do.

weigh yourself every morning at the same time after restroom nude. record weights in MFP

eat exactly 1900 calories every day, minimum 190 grams of protein fill in rest of macros however you prefer.

drink one gallon of water each day.

keep activity and training the same.

In 14 days report back, now we have some good data to make some decisions with.


Indeed. If true, he should start a thread teaching all of us! He knows how to achieve IFBB level of conditioning.

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We all underestimate how uncomfortable the calories need to get to really lose fat, man. Maybe you don’t want to be as lean as you think you do? There’s nothing wrong with that if that’s the case, but getting truly lean sucks

I don’t think it’s necessarily trolling. Those digital scales are VERY inaccurate.

One told me that I was 6% BF :laughing: I was much closer to 20

Yeah I don’t suspect trolling either, just naïve.