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Too Much of a Certain Meat?


I've read multiple times that too much of a certain food too often will make you develop an allergy to it or some other problems. Has anyone actually experienced this?

At college right now the only protein sources I have are eggs, chicken, beef patties, and protein powder. I also recently got a little cottage cheese but thats about it. To hit 300+ grams of protein per day that usually ends up being 8 eggs for breakfast, 2 beef patties (really high in fat so I only have 2), about 3 scoops of protein powder, and a full pound of chicken breasts. Is a pound of chicken 5-6 days/week something to worry about? Seems like a lot to me (not hard to get down, just quantity-wise) but on the other hand there are obviously some people eating 1-2 pounds of steak and certain fish every day to get the protein necessary.

any opinion?


If so, we're both screwed. I wouldn't worry about it unless you start to develop said sensitivity.

The CDC says that 90% of food sensitivities are from:

Cow milk
chicken eggs

So you have more to worry about from your morning eggs than your chicken.


yeah its a possibility.. mix it up as best you can... a lot of people can eat like that and never have any problems.. but then others not so lucky...


Man, I have been eating low fat ground beef, eggs, turkey bacon, ground turkey, whey protein, cottage cheese for about 8 months. I have not noticed any allergies. That's all I can afford and they are obtainable at the local grocery store, so I'm not switching to buffalo or viel.. But maybe one day..

However, there is some research showing that you can get allergies from eating too much of something.. There is a thread in the t-cell somewhere..


I have experienced that. I ate eggs ALLLL the time, then about 4 yrs ago I would break out in hives whenever i ate about three. This would normally happen if i was being very active within a 5 hr period after consuming the eggs. I had no idea what was going on. This same thing happened to a friend of mine. I just stopped eating eggs for a while and now i go through a couple dozen a week with no problems. My body probably just needed a little break.


I'm almost positive studies came out saying this was a myth.

Unfortunately, I have no links to back up my statement.


last year at college i developed a bit of a sensitivity to peanut butter from eating a scoop once or twice an hour every day for about a month. my face would get red and tingly and my mouth would get super dry. i went awhile w/o any peanut products and now i eat it in moderation fine.

my advice would be to consider looking for variety as much as possible. pork and turkey are only a tiny bit mroe expensive than chicken, for example. also, if you can find it, ground bison is around 4-5 bucks a pound in PA. tuna and other canned seafoods are also a good option. even if you are lucky enough to never develop any allergies, the variety will be a nice gesture for your taste buds.


Interesting comments. I've definitely heard it's more so with eggs and milk than meats which is why I initially didn't want to bring it up to more than 6 eggs per day but now have its at 7-8.

The thing is I have no noticeable problems from the amount of chicken or other proteins it seems. No excess gas (pretty much all bad gas stopped when I switched the AD-style eating), no stomach pains, etc....so as far as noticeable problems goes there haven't been any that I've been able to point out. I was/am more worried about something I might not be able to notice but I wouldn't even really know what those possibly were. Maybe something causing more fat gain that I wouldn't even know was coming from too much of something...not really sure.


Well the whole thing is that I'm not buying food, it's just what I can get from the cafeteria, otherwise yea I would just buy some other protein sources. I don't mind it as far as taste goes though, I've basically eaten the same things for a few years without getting too bored.


I eat any where from 24 to 30 eggs a day, the only thing I get is gas on occasion


ah, didn't know you were entirely limited to caf food. Well if you've made it a few years eating the same thing, you're probably in the clear for developing any food allergies or sensitivities.


I became mildly lactose intolerant after downing a gallon of milk everyday for a month. Not sure that was the cause but I've heard it happen to other people.


Well by "basically eating the same thing for a few years" I mean the same foods but there were a lot more options (chicken, tuna, salmon, steak, turkey, eggs, protein powder, ground beef) not just 3 or so like there is now where I have to eat a pound of 1 type 5-6 days per week.


Man I think I jinxed myself. As I mentioned before I didn't have any problems. Yesterday I was getting a little stomach discomfort and now I'm at my computer with some very noticeable bloating/stomach cramping


I eat 2-3 eggs every day (for the last 4 years) but good god, 24-30 eggs a day?? Is that your single source of protein? Did you live on a chicken farm??