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Too Much Milk?


I have read that drinking milk is very important for calcium to build bones (I am 19), so I try to drink at least 2 glasses a day.

I have also read that it is possible to drink too much milk. Is this true?


"too much milk" is very subjective. Your fine with two glasses a day as long as you can deal with milk. Some people drink 3 or 4 times that amount and do fine, for others it gives them bloating cramps ect...If your body is ok then go with it.


"Too much milk" is also very vague. Does too much mean, as soon as you see any bad side effects? In that case, you always are in danger of choking on the liquid. This makes ideal milk dosage 0 glasses a day.

Any food may present a threat. You may choose to consume it anyway, for other benefits it promises, anabolic or otherwise. This is the trade-off you make. The decision is yours.


I suppose some people can't have it if theyre on low carb diets though; if you are, you need to consider how much sugar is in there


Hmm, I guess because milk is usually fortified with vitamins A and D that you could eventually overdose.

I'm not sure how much of a guzzlefest that would require though.


Is your glass an 8oz glass? 16oz of milk really isn't that much. I assume you're drinking skim.

Once you start getting into really high milk diets like the ones recommended for 20 rep squats where you're drinking more than a liter of milk a day you might start to see side effects like acne and you might feel like you have a full stomach virtually all the time.

But that's just from my own experience. If you're lactose intolerant, the amount of milk your drinking right now probably feels like it's wreaking havoc on your digestive track.

Just remember, even though milk is said to be nature's most perfect food, the milk you're probably drinking is from cows pumped full of bovine hormones and bovine antibiotics.

I'd say that milk has a lot of potential to do different things to different people. It's up to you to find out if you're a person who benefits from a high milk diet or is better off eating lots of other foods besides milk to gain mass.


Ive been drinking a litre to two a day now for years without any issues.


you can drink lots of good quality whole milk without worries provided you arent gaining fat weight, dont have lactose intolerance or allergies related to milk, have no condition that means you need to cut saturated fats. I suppose drinking 20 glasses a day may upset some balance in your body somewhere eventually.


I drink about 2 quarts a day with protein


Fuck pasteurized milk.

I can't believe that it is still illegal in most states to drink or sell raw milk (with Cali being the only true exception...sort of).

I also can't believe that Dairy Industry's pull from the 50's and 60's is still felt today. NO...milk is NOT necessary and NO pasteurization does not make milk safer to drink than its raw counterpart.

Don't look to the shills in the media to tell you any different, nor the dairy funded school systems that hawk this shit to unsuspecting students, faculty and anyone else who will actually drink this glorified sugar water.

In all actuality, if it were ONLY sugar water...it would be a huge fucking improvement from the reality that stares the educated in the face everytime they pass by the hundreds of gallons at every grocery store. For the ignorant (not a negative term...if you don't know, you don't know), they obediently drink their daily requirements that were arbitrarily set forth by the same people that brought us the calorie...so take that for what it's worth.

Why should you drink beer over milk:

*As previously stated, commercial cattle are pumped full of antibiotics and hormones. So much so, that traces of these non-T-men compounds can be found in just about any source.

*Do you like pus (or somatic cells as the Dairy Industry P.R. cocksuckers have deemed the 'correct' term for pus)? If you don't...stay the fuck away from commercial milk. Mastitis is an inflammatory reaction caused by, among many things, milking the Goddamn thing 16 weeks longer than is natural. Hey, I've got a great idea...when your wife or mom or sister become pregnant, FORCE them to breast feed for 16 weeks longer than they naturally should. Sell the remainder unused by your child to neighbors (or on E-gay).Call it a business proposition...they'll understand.

*The nutrient profile can be considered non-existent once they "super-duper, ultra pasteurize" the milk. Or do you really think that living organisms can live in 200+ degree temperatures...cuz' if you do, Venus is nice this time of year, you should try it.

*The fats, once heated, become rancid...mmmmm. Oh and now that they're rancid, the smell of rotten fat has to be masked, so I hope your liver likes scents, cuz' that's what it's gettin for breakfast.

*Go cook milk and notice the color once it cools...nice and gray or clear right? Your liver, which is now looking more like Lindsey Lohan's every minute, is going to get a nice dose of dyes and colorings.

*Fight Club may have made Bob's 'bitch tits' a fad, but come on guys, drinking milk from plastic leaching containers is a really shitty way to get your own. However, if they contain Guiness, I'm all for it...in fact, if I bring some glasses, can we have the kegger at your place? (I know...ha ha, this joke has been re-made by everyone and their dog, but it seemed fitting...)

*Since Global Climate Shift isn't real (accordingly to the self-ordained experts roaming this site), commercially raised cows that emit the majority of the methane definitely won't add to this naturally occurring process...so drink up. Additionally, keep drinking the water from areas near these feedlots and keep supporting the grain industry that continues to feed ruminants fucking highly processed grain and meat. There will definitely be NO repurcussions for these practices.

*But then again, you're supporting farmers who make HUGE profit margins off of pasteurized, commercial milk...so that's a plus. Keep supporting these welfare farmers so they can finally afford to be put on WIC.

*To finish this off: the cholesterol is oxidized, the proteins are denatured, the sugar is made more bioavailable and fat douche bags like the former secretary of human health services, Donna Shalala are plastered to billboards flashing the 'milk mustache.' Ya know what the milk mustache really looks like...ask Jenna Jamison...she knows.

Like I said...fuck pasteurized milk.


i drink a litre of skim milk a day.. and im fine


spurlock, you've been reading too many articles from milksucks.com

Also, if you think drinking beer is safer/better than drinking milk, you are an idiot. I drink a gallon of whole milk every day with no negative consequences. I dare you to drink that much beer. Then again maybe you do, it would explain the brain damage.


most points here are utter rubbish, and the few with any truth are only true of a) crappy milk from crappy farms and yes, they do exist and b) humans who can't handle milk

don't believe everything you read and work it out for yourself

i drink litres per day no problems in fact great health, but i drink the good stuff


Hey, I've got an idea for you...the next time you feel like lecturing an expert...don't. Do your fucking research...work on a ranch that is organically or biodynamically certified...work on one that isn't and is only concerned with the bottom line. Then do some more research. Then go work in a processing plant...then do some more research.

Look into the politics, the science, the manufacturing and packaging practices...ya know, like when doing real research. But then again...you probably read the opening sentence and went...ahh, this is rubbish, blah, blah, blah...I am the purveyor of all knowledge, blah, blah, blah.

That's fantastic that you drink litres per day, anecdotal bullshit personal perception is what that amounts to.

You tell me to stop believing everything I read...stop watching T.V., since this and other worthless media sources are obviously where you and many others are deriving your information from.

Publish articles chronicling the history of milk and its damaging effects on humans and the environment. Get them published in something OTHER than your local free gym newsletter and then you can BEGIN to have an opinion.

You fucking theory junkies and media regurgitators make me fucking sick. Go read another Muscle and Fitness you imbecilic, reactionary, ditto-headed, simulation human and leave the theorizing and advising to the people that actually make a difference.


Wow, milksucks.com, yup that is my "secret" informational source. Read something other than what is on these forums and a book that doesn't simply continue to reprint misinformation first presented before your parents were born.

If you think I was serious about beer being better than pasteurized milk...you are an idiot. Read into the context of a piece. Jesus Christ, you obviously can't think your way out of a wet paper bag.

I'm glad you're supporting an industry that fucks the small farmer/rancher, all the while polluting your elimination systems as well as the planet. Good for you!


spurlock, out of curiosity can you reference to some of your sources or articles you're getting your information from? I'd be interested in looking into them.


Sounds like PETA material to me...


I used to drink a lot of milk. I have since cut it out of my diet and I think my waist went down 2 inches within a week. Some people handle it well some don't. I like the taste of milk but get very bloated off of it.


Thank God, you've obviously been wearing your tin foil hat. You're the only one of us able to think clearly and see that we're being screwed by having the choice to buy and drink milk, or not. I personally wash mine down with colloidal silver so the agricultural-industrial complex can't hurt me.


I'm not going to "BASH" milk like it is the anti-christ, but I will give a little personal note.
I have always drank quite a bit of milk my whole life. I have always had high cholesterol. One day, one of my friends said his cholesterol went through the roof on his last physical and the doctor wanted him to start taking a statin. He did some research and talked to a biochemist.

The biochemist asked if he has increased his milk intake. He did increase it because he was working out again and was drinking alot of protien powder shakes. He laid off the milk and his cholesterol came back down without statins...back to me... on my physical last year my cholesterol was at 354 and my triglcerides were high too (I forgot where they were).

This year I quite drinking milk 6 months before my physical, but I still ate cheese and drank cream. My cholesterol dropped close to 100 points and my triglcerides dropped over 200 points. ALL I DID WAS QUICK DRINKING MILK!!

My friend told me the biochemist said that the problem was with the casien(protien)in milk and not the fats or carbs. He also said the casiendoes not affect every one adversely, just some people.
I guess my point is if you are having problems with milk (i.e. bloating, tired after drinking it or if you have high cholesterol it may be from milk) lay off it. If not, drink up and enjoy as much as you want.