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Too Much Milk Causes Kidney Stones?


I've heard that too much milk drinking will cause Kidney stones...is this true? how much milk to all of you usually drink in a day?


Well, I go through about a gallon of whole Milk a week. I also get plenty of water, veggies, etc.

I'm still young IMO, but I've known a few guys around me having stones. I have not. Can't really speak to the science behind the milk concern. I assume it relates to calcium intake, or mineral imbalance, if there is anything to it.

Have you tried searching? Someone may have already posted info on this.


I think it's a lot to do with the calcium

stones are made of calcium iirc. so people fear that a large dietary intake of calcium would increase incidence of stones.

they also say you should avoid if you have a history of stones. or a family history.

but that is anecdotal. I can't link you to anything "scientific"

I still drink a gallon of milk regardless.