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Too Much Metabolic Drive??


is it ok to take MD 3/day if your still getting 5 other servings of different protein?

And if you mix it with milk will that count as P+C?

the object of my game is to not have to eat all that much more than 6 times each day. but get extra calories as painlessly as possible.



Can't see why not, depending on whether you want the carbs you'll get from the milk. Also depends on your ability to tolerate that much powdered protein and lactose -- some people can't handle it.

Here's an interesting take on a similar question:


I also add pasteurized egg whites to my shakes for extra calories and protein. Adding a cup goes a long way.


You're not asking the right question. The answer is completely dependent on how much protein you are getting from those 5 other sources and how much you need each day. If you are getting enough from the other sources, then you don't need M-Drive. If you aren't, you should be taking in as much as you need to make up the difference. That could mean 1/day, 2/day, 3/day, etc. Make sense?



so far I can tolerate it.
Interesting article. I think I prefer to add the milk carbs to the protein. I'm just trying to increase both evenly.

thanks for your help.

makes sense. And I'm not getting as much as I can in the other sources. So I'll just continue with the 3 a day.

Appreciate all the help
thx again,


I have to ask, since you don't look like you weigh very much, how much protein are you aiming for per day that 5 other sources of protein don't meet your needs? Just curious.


Im more concerned with overall calories. Just thought if I had to add in extra, protein/carbs would be the best for muscle gain. And its a lot easier and faster to drink something than eat it.

My protien is around 220gr out of roughly 3500cals/day.
Carbs around 500gr.



Holy massive amounts of protein batman!


500g carbs x 4 cal/g = 2000 cals
220g protein x 4 cal/g = 880 cals

3500 - 2880 = 620 cals

620 cals / 9 cals/g = 69g fat

eat more fat if youre looking for easy cals


Carbs are good for recovery, but not necessarily muscle gain. As others have said I would add in extra healthy fats to make up the differences instead of more carbs/protein.


Thanks for all the help.
I think I'll leave the milk out and try and add more fats. Just harder that way being they're at the end of the day when I hate eating. But I also know I can probably mix them in with my other meals too. so maybe I'll just do that.

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wait, at 3 scoops a serving, do you mean you take 9 scoops a day?! how long does a tub last you, 5-6 days?


IF youre concerned about eating but need fat, just have peanut butter, almond butter, or mix flax in the shakes.

That involves no eating whatsoever and would be a good alternative to milk


where'd you read 3 scoops/serving????
1 equals 20gr.
that's a serving.

and I alternate Metabolic Drive with another whey protein product. Same serving though: 1 scoop = 20gr.


great idea, thanks :slightly_smiling:



If money were no problem I would be having three servings of Metabolic Drive along with other protein sources. (Can't get enough of the banana and vanilla) Thats only 60 grams of protein. Thats maybe 1/3 of most body builders protein requirements.


Most people when talking about a "serving" of Metabolic Drive are talking about a two-scoop shake. That is fairly standard. So I was assuming you were getting 6 scoops (or 120g) a day. 3 scoops a day, spread out, is perfectly fine and a damn good idea even with food. Keep doing what your doing, but still look at getting some extra healthy fat in there.


well can it be clarified if you are taking Metabolic Drive low carb, or Metabolic Drive Complete? because at least on my Metabolic Drive Complete bottles, it says 3 scoops for 1 serving, at 16 servings a bottle. Then for the low carb it says 1 scoop for 27 servings/bottle.

Also, 1 scoop in Metabolic Drive Complete would be 27.66 grams, as opposed to 1 scoop of Metabolic Drive low carb which is 29grams.

Anyone mind explaining how 1 scoop is 20 grams of either, which one this lady is talking about, and why when most people talk about a "serving" they are talking about a two scoop shake? Also, according to the grams/scoop on both, it'd be well over 120g a day.


The lady's talking about 20 friggin grams of protein in one friggin scoop of Metabolic Drive. The kind with the Big friggin RED M. That's what my lable says anyway.

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Thank you. That's really the answer I was looking for.