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Too Much Meat?


I'm 10 weeks out from a show and seem to have developed an issue. My meals are not huge, 8oz meat with low to moderate carbs depending on the day. What I'm having a problem with is an hour after my meal, especially if the carbs are less than 25g, I get extremely nauseated and my gut starts to cramp up. Sometimes it's followed by diarrhea. I've always gotten nauseous after eating but never to the point I am now, where I have to fight not to vomit my meal.

I've always eaten 2g carbs to every 1g protein. Now it's often the other way around on some days, and these are the worst. I'm taking digestive enzymes. Is 40oz of meat just too much to be eating with low carbs? I've always been lean, but this is my first experience cutting. I've been walking around wanting to vomit for 4 days straight and it has begun to wear me mentally.


I notice the same thing, especially with lean meats. If I eat skinless chicken breast or pork tenderloin on their own or even with vegetables I sometimes get pretty painful stomach cramps.

No advice for you on this, but you're not alone


How are you cooking your meat and what kind?

The rawer the meat, the easier it is on your gut.

I can eat rare/nearly raw grass fed (probably not as important) beef all day with zero problems, but if I go out to a restaurant that insists on killing their burgers (medium or worse, well-done) and eat more than just a little, I'll have problems following it.


Is your protein intake above 35-40%? It shouldn't go above this for any extended period, though some can tolerate it. Is you fat intake high enough to make up for low carbs? Other possibilities are lack of sodium and fiber. I hope it is not more serious, but definitely see a doctor if you rule out these things and don't improve. It could also be a response to toxins, though if you eat healthy this is unlikely or a psychosomatic response to either the diet or stress or some combination of all of the above.

This could be due to extenders or binders in the meat.


I just had a flashback to John Meadows' article which ended with his colon falling out.

Try fiber supplements.

And are you eating 40oz of meat in a day, or in one sitting? The first should be doable, the second maybe not.

Finally, maybe switch some meat out with eggs or dairy, might be a bit easier on your stomach.




Try eating plenty of veggies with meals. Add some ground turmeric and EVOO.

I'd advise to ditch the digestive enzymes (may be worsening the problem).

Maybe supplement with some glutamine.


I'm not sure how digestive enzymes could be worsening the problem...

More specifically, though, what enzymes are you taking? It could be that your current supplementation is inadequate to handle your new diet.


perhaps try a probiotic instead of a digestive enzyme?


I would try the fiber choice tablets.


I'm speaking from personal experience.
About a dozen brands of digestive enzymes I've tried gave me diarrhea (even the ones that didn't contain HCL).


I'm going to have to agree with everyone saying fiber. I used to have this same problem several times a week until I started eating food with a lot of fiber and now I never have any of the issues I had before.