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Too Much Meat?

[quote]entheogens wrote:
wfifer wrote:
Wild salmon and tuna are the shit.

Yes, particularly if you have aspirations of being a thermometer. Eat as much meat as you like. Limit intake of fish, ESPECIALLY TUNA, due to mercury. Best to eat smaller fish, like sardines, etc.

I know, I know…it is so easy to just open up a can of Charlie Tuna and wolf it down, but it’s loaded with mercury.


Wild caught salmon has pretty low mercury levels, and is one of those foods where the pros of eating it far outweigh the cons.

[quote]jehovasfitness wrote:
a lot of people are dropping dead from eating too much tuna, yeah ok.

Most canned tuna is the old tuna fish that have accumulated all the toxins all the way up the food chain. I’d rather not eat tuna than risk it.

Just because you don’t drop dead from tuna doesn’t mean that detrimental effects are not taking place inside your body. People can smoke a pack a day for 50 years and be fine. Mercury damages neurons just as cancer starts on the cellular level.

Yes wild salmon is the shit, it is half the reason I moved to Oregon. Salmon is low on the food chain and contains a plethora of healthy shit, and tastes incredible. I eat it everyday.

but most fish people eat, like tilapia for example is farmed in cesspools, mmmm yep that wets my whistle.

In summation, unless you are loaded and can afford wild salmon, fish is overrated. Just get quality omega 3 pills.

For salmon, sockeye has the lowest levels of mercury.

2 tins of sardines packed in water go for $1.60. That is 34g of protein, 2g of DHA/EPA, 400mg calcium, 5 times the B12 intake required by a pregnant woman, 800IU Vitamin D, and a decent whack of other vitamins and minerals.

Fish is not over-rated, nor is any meat when consumed as part of a varied diet. To take the worst case examples and paint the entire category with them is the same BS that PETA and other groups of idiots do.

Farm raised trout and catfish, flounder, wild pacific salmon, croaker, shrimp, mid-Atlantic blue crab, and haddock are safe for pregnant women to eat in unlimited quantities.

Ask them what they eat… I guarantee meat is healthier then whatever crap they are eating