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Too much MAG-10

I’m getting ready to start a cycle of MAG-10 for 2 weeks followed by Tribex and M for 2 weeks and repeated 2 more times (12 week total). I noticed the MAG-10 directions say 1 serving in the morning and 1 optional serving later.

With all the other supps I’ll be taking and extra food I’ll be eating this ain’t cheap and I’m wondering if the 2nd serving is really necessary to maximize my gains? Most important to me is I get the expected results. If that means 2 servings a day then that’s what I’ll do, but I’m just wondering if the body gets to a point where it becomes too saturated and you just end up pissing it out?

Thanks for the feedback.

If you cycle mag10 2 weeks then Tribex/M 2 weeks how long can you do that, could you go 20 weeks straight thru until you’ve finished 1 bottle, or is that too long?

IMO, you’ll get better results taking one dose and doing twice as much cycles, then you would on half the cycles at double dosage. Since supplies are limited now, go for more cycles!