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Too Much Lordosis?

For a couple weeks now my progress in my squat has stalled due to a lower back/hip issue. Once I get up to sets over 275lbs. I get a deep pain in the right side of my lower back, right above my butt. It’s unlike any other type of pain I’ve ever felt, it feels almost like a very painful decompression if that makes any sense.

At first I thought my form was just breaking down having not squatted in quite a while, but everyone I’ve had look at it says it looks fine to them, good arch, heels on the ground, knees strong and stable, etc.

So basically I’ve come up with two theories, the first being some sort of muscular problem in my right spinal erector from a hyper-extended lordosis posture, the second being some sort of horrible lumbar spinal injury, so my fellow athletes, any input?

Vid of you squatting shirtless, one from the side, one from the back. Nobody can just guess without even seeing you. Even then it’s still pretty much guesswork.


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Thanks guys, I found after toying around for awhile today that adding even a one inch pad on top of my box helped take a lot of the pressure off my erectors. I’m going try and move back down eventually, but for now, my back feels great, and my legs feel absolutely thrashed…

With the mats I was able to work up to five heavy triples with 340, a ridiculous improvement if I do say so myself :slight_smile:

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I’ll have to add in some glute bridges to my routine and see if that helps. Also, after reading Ben Bruno’s article on the Glute Ham Raise I see my form definitely has room for improvement in that, so I’m sure working on that and continuing to progress in resistance will help.

Who knows maybe my glutes have been my secret weak link for years?
It would help explain a torn ACL…
Well, here’s hoping for a half second off my 40, and a new squat PR, haha.