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Too Much Liquid Nutrition?

How much protein in shakes is inefficient for growth? I know micronutrients are better recieved from various foods. I am following the Anaconda protocol.

I typically use anywhere from 50 to 100 grams of protein with anywhere between 50-90 grams of dextrose, 10 grams leucine when I don’t use the protocol. I only use this pre- or post workout and I don’t use much dextrose if at all on my off days.

When I do use the protocol I try to not use my own concoction and aim for whole foods, but some days (with work/school) it is much easiar to stack my own concoction on my diet.

I am nearing 4000 kcal with 350 grams protein. On my off days 100 grams of this can be in powder form (about 30% powder over total).

Eh, personally I try to keep my protein intake from shakes to 50% or below. As long as I follow that guideline, I don’t worry.