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Too Much Kangaroo


Does anyone down in Australia eat much kangaroo?. I eat it at least 3 nights a week because of its high protein, low fat value. Proberly the cheapest pieces of meat on the market. Per 100grms you get 33 grams of protein and less than 1 gram off fat. Does anyone know any problems with eating to much kangaroo?


Hey mate, does it go down alright? I've never had kangaroo (or not that I remember) but I've been considering stocking up on some.


what are you waiting for? i am sure you can even get it fresh, unlike here in canada were it is obviously frozen.

to the OP, i seriously doubt that a few times a week is too much. as long as it is part of a balanced diet with many other sources of animal protein, such worries are silly.


Is anything in Canada not frozen? No, it's all frozen, eh?


People eat kangaroos?


I had a conversation about this with one of the old timer's at the gym Saturday morning. He was telling me he actually had to cut Roo meat from his diet because it was responsible for raising his blood iron levels to very high levels (around 3x normal I believe) however he did eat it most days for years. Since he has cut it out from his diet his tests have shown iron levels have dropped back to almost normal.
They say the Joey's provide the most tender cuts, have not tried those myself...yet!

ps: He also told me it put 10" on his vertical :o)


My cats love raw kangaroo mince. It's the only thing they eat.

Haven't eaten kangaroo since I was a kid, watching Halley's comet in Perth back in 1986.

I remember it tasted rich and quite nice. I might have to try it again...

Just knock 'em out with my nulla nulla and kill 'em dead with my boomerang! lol


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i eat roo everyday. we usually cull the ones that go lame & wont let us ride them to school anymore.


Are the kangaroo farm raised or wild?

If they are not corn fed farm raised they may be high in omega 3?


I'm pretty sure they are wild ones that have been culled by farmers and hunters to prevent overpopulation. Can't let all that meat go to waste!


mmmm barramundi!

Speaking of Aussie seafood, there is also a species here which is my favourite known as the Moreton Bay bug or Balmain bug, often just called 'bugs'. They are a type of crayfish, but are bizarre looking creatures that kind of resemble trilobites of the Cambrian peroid.

But damn do they taste nice! Succulent and juicy flesh that tastes similar to lobster...


Roo's are good but damn they're gamey!

I would eat them more, but to be honest, I have to work myself up to a roo meal like a set of heavy deadlifts.

It's hard shit to hit.


Kangaroo goes down very well. Alot of people don't eat it because they arn't mentally strong but after you have it a few times you get used to it. Stock up on it! You can buy it fresh from most supermarkets and will have quite a long expire date of around 20 days. Anyone that lives in Australia should start eating it.


i belive roo is one of few meats high in CLA


it may taste a bit jumpy, but not like arctic musk ox.


hahaha! Man it's nice in florida for the winter;) Enjoy the snow. 1st time I;ve been away from canada in the winter.


Is anything in Massachusets not frozen? It's also all frozen...ya?


I love kangaroo, mostly the mince. I love the taste, the price and especially the industrial strength protein farts that last 48 hrs...


Hear the news story today about the kangaroo that escaped from its wildlife sanctuary and went on a suburban rampage! It was jumping people's fences, going through their backyards, and going apeshit.

Rangers were called and they tried to catch it with the assistance of police, but it broke through the net, beat up the cop holding the net, bowled over a kid and kept bounding along...

Man those things are powerful and have sharp claws. They can be dangerous when provoked because they can jump head-height. They kick in self-defense too and can disembowel people. Lucky for the cop he only suffered a long scratch and a ripped shirt.

It jumped in front of a car, which braked just in time, slipped sideways, got up and started jumping again, until they finally managed to get it in the net. It was almost Hollywood material, lol.