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Too Much Intensity?

Hey I want to know is it okay to do heavy weight/high intensity weightlifting every week?
example :

Week 1 :
Day 1 : Deadlift 5x3 95% of 1 RM
Day 2 : Benchpress 5x3 95% of 1 RM
Day 4 : Squat 5x3 95% of 1 RM
Day 5 : OHP 5x3 95% of 1 RM

Week 2, Week 3, … etc = same like week 1

Is it an effective strategy to build strength faster?

I couldn’t even do one triple at 95% of any of my maxes. I rarely do singles at 95% particularly for deadlift. This would crush me in short order and things would go backwards.I think it’s counter productive.

I can’t fully answer your question, but I can tell you that it’s very unlikely that you can physically do a triple at 95% of your max, let alone 5 triples, let alone doing 5x3@95% on all lifts every training session. Maybe if you’ve tried this your max is higher than you think it is

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You sound like someone who should not be writing their own program. Choose an existing program and do as you are told or bad things will happen.


If we go by Prelopins chart


The optimal number of reps is 1-2 per set with generally no more than 10 reps total.

5x3 at 95% may be possible ( highly unlikely ) but it will very quickly work against you.

In addition if you use a rep calculator and plug in 500% for our 1RM, then that means we’d be doing triples with 475. That’s highly irregular for nearly anyone. 5x3 is more suitable for the 80-90% range.

That can build some strength, however you can’t repeat 5x3 for ever. I would suggest reading super training along with 5th set and 5/3/1 for some educational programming reading.


Also related to daily high intensity you could check out Ewe-Tube vids where Max Aita talks about his experience with “Bulgarian” training.

Here’s a Thib’s article talking about different set/weight/rep ranges. Different numbers of lifts for different percentages.

Here’s a plan kinda like yours, but using different weights/reps each week.

I would be injured within a week if attempting this.

Either that, or I would stay home out of fear.

I recently did a week of 3x2 at close to 90 percent, and that was brutal.

In the short term, probably. But over the long term you’re probably going to feel like dogshit and you’ll probably end up weaker.

Keep a majority of your work in the 70-85% range.

Try it and report back


Few will live to tell about a program like this one.


A lot of it depends on age, how long you’ve been training, and your recovery. Just starting out, you might be able to pull this off because technique might be your sticking point. If you’re young and you recover well, it might even be sustainable for a bit. Either way, it’s not something I would recommend. I’d recommend following Prilepin’s chart to at least some degree. Here’s a big question to ask: do you see any top level guys doing it?

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If you adjusted the % used to 85% I think it would become pretty manageable.

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This would put me in a body bag. Honestly you should be working in the 75-85% range in off season maybe program some sub max singles in or doubles here and there around 90% and maybe some at 95%. Everyday isn’t a meet. Train strength in the gym don’t test it. Test it at a meet or at least a mock meet.

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