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Too much hype??? (please print)

This is a good post. I agree that Tim seems to make some of the supplements seem “magical.” And sure, maybe some people are making huge gains in a short period of time. No supplements have done this to me. I’ve been using Tribex since November. I started at 3 caps, twice a day. I bumped it up to 4 caps, twice a day a month ago. I can’t say I’ve felt anything from using it.

I’ve also used Nandrosol, and I didn’t feel a thing or gain any weight from using it. I did return it and was refunded (This is a great policy of Biotest, and give them props for that).

I’m currently using ZMA (only noticed better sleep at night), and Grow!. Grow! is by far the best product Biotest offers. Because I need the calories and protein, and this is a great way to get it.

As for the post-workout drink, I hope it works as well as Tim says. But most likely, I will make minimal gains compared to him and “everyone else” that uses it. As I have yet to have incredible gains using any supplement. So maybe the hype should be toned down a bit. I understand that Biotest needs to sell it’s product, and I believe in what they are doing. But when I read about this incredible gains, and make nothing close to them, I get a bit discouraged.