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Too much hype??? (please print)

Well, all I know is that to me, it does’nt matter if Biotest hypes their products a little. They have a business to run. They offer a money back guarantee which I assume is prompt and without hassle (I’ve never returned a product). I’m not sure if it is for only unopened product but the point is how many other companies offer that at all? Try a Biotest product. If it works, buy more. If it does’nt work, try something else in the product line. Chances are, even if it is protein or Grow!, you will find something that you like and will keep using because it is effective for you.

On a side note, it does’nt matter to me if Bill does’nt weigh 250 ripped and can bench press house. Or weighs 190 and can’t bench his bodyweight. All I know is that he is one smart, innovative cookie who has answered a lot of my questions I could’nt get competently answered anywhere else, much less free of charge. It is cool to me to have a query personally answered by an expert. Frankly, it is that type of integrity and selfless help without compensation that impressed me into buying some Biotest products. BTW, I’m not related to him. :slight_smile:

If Bill seems a little defensive, albeit in a concise, logical, articulate manner it is probably because he worked his ass off (along with any collaborators on the project) to develop these products. Frankly, I’m amazed they allowed this post at all on the board, which is a credit to Biotest in itself since they pay to keep it running and while I can’t speak for anyone else, I don’t fault them for a little ‘hype’ especially since there is a basis of truth for many products.

Look at how many people (customers) on the Forum have reported good gains. They are not paid to do so and I’m sure if it did’nt work they would let us know (if the post was not rejected :P). Of course, not every product works for everybody but obviously a good number of people do respond to at least some of them. Look how many people did’nt gain much on Androsol but did on Nandrosol for example.