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Too much hype??? (please print)

Mike, the numbers given by Biotest were not
“wrong”… go back and see that right from
the start, I said that the numbers were probably total of 4-AD plus testosterone, not
just testosterone; and our recent study proved that correct, using assay techniques that
distinguish the 4-AD from the testosterone.
The total was every bit as high as we said.

As for the points you make regarding allegations that Androsol delivery is not
as claimed, we’ve proven that delivery time
is just as long as we’ve said from the
start and no longer, in contrast to the assertions from
the people you cite, who have made some
completely unsupported assertions that
Androsol does not do as we say. If you
want to find problems regarding accuracy
and truthfulness of claims you’ll need to
look elsewhere, I firmly believe.