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Too much hype??? (please print)

Mike, let me see if I’ve got you right:

If we say a product gives certain numerical
results – you can expect to gain X lb of
muscle in some certain time – then you blast
us for hype.

If we describe the results subjectively, then
that’s not acceptable to you either.

You can compare Androsol to 1-AD, Biotest to the company releasing 1-AD, all you like
but you’re leaving out some things…

was very swiftly shown to do what we say and
did immediately give benefits not before seen
with prohormones. That isn’t the case as of yet with 1-AD. Furthermore, we had measured lab results on blood levels resulting from our product to support our statements. You are also missing that, if you want to make judgments based on the person as many people think we should, Androsol was released by a company that had never cried wolf on prohormones before. So your comparison is not valid.

Basically I get the impression you like being the contrarian, arguing against what everybody else is finding or is saying, and that’s great; but try not to reject truth in the process or to swallow falsehoods just because they’re contrary to what we say. That’s not a good enough reason to believe falsehoods.