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Too much hype??? (please print)

i agree with you somewhat, but its what suppiliment makers have to do to some extent to sell products. at least Tim has the decency to back up his observations with science and explain why stuff is working, and not simply tell us it does. i myself have no sustanon experience to reference my androsol gains to, but i can see why this is a blurry statement. but at least it is a prohormone that people have made gains on and not an analog of a BCAA that feels like a steroid. as for the pw drink, i have experimented a little with just mixing my protein drink with sucrose/fructose and have a little increased insulin response (including one day when i crashed severely afterward --don’t know if this was the drink or if it was because i pushed myself a little harder than usual). maybe Tim is supersupplimentsensitive, but i have not lost any respect for him or biotest. they at least make worthwhile products and don’t waste their time on bullshit.