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Too much hype??? (please print)

It seems to me that you call accurate description of what a product does, if
it is an effective product, “hype.”

Let’s take your example, that Androsol
“feels like Sustanon.” Now what was actually
said was that it gave results like, the
claim went, one or two Sustanons per week,
which is of course something far beyond
what prohormones had ever done before.

Is that hype?

I can tell you from years of experience
and observation that most guys who do
two Sustanons per week, let only one,
do NOT get in 2 weeks the results that
most guys are getting from Androsol.

Ditto for say the New England Journal
of Medicine study of testosterone at
600 mg/week, an even higher dose…
they gained less than what Androsol usually

You can call it hype all you want but
to the best of my knowledge we were understating the case. We also made a point
that results were NOT equal to heavier steroid stacks, which is also accurate.

Basically, if we tell you the truth about
how our products work, and the products
work well, looks to me like you’re going
to be unhappy and start calling us retreads
of Bill Phillips. You’re the one who misses
out if you conclude that, though.