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Too Much Froth


Ok, I've tried, tried and tried some more and I've never been able to get it right. How in God's name do you make protein shakes less frothy?! It doesn't matter what powder I'm using, it always comes out as 16 oz of liquid and almost double in fucking froth. I really hate drinking froth because it makes me really bloated, but I also hate waiting for five minutes so the froth bubbles can pop and there only be a slight head on the shake.

Anyone got any advise on how to make the shake more liquid and less froth?

Please and thank you.


Use a shaker cup rather than a blender.

Try water rather than milk.

Add a bit of oil (same idea will rid a beer mug of excess head)


it's usually the high-speed blending that makes them that way. ^shaker cup like he said


I usually try to blend a few pieces of fruit together with the powder, so that might be a problem, but I'll give it a go next time I'm just using the powder.


Blend fruit, powder, and half the liquid. After fruit is blended and powder dissolved, add the other half of the liquid.


use a shaker cup and just protein and water, no froth


Possible to make it earlier, put it in the fridge for your return from the gym?