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Too Much Forskolin Aggravating Gyno?


I have a small, peanut-sized lump under my right nipple, left over from when I was an androstenedione and tribulus junkie back in the mid-ninteties. It doesn't usually bother me much, but recently while experimenting with forskolin, it began feeling swollen and itchy.

I may have been using too much forskolin. I was taking a 20% standardized/500 mg capsule twice a day. My libido was in the toilet, I was cranky as all hell, and my joints were killing me. Now that I've stopped taking it completely, my libido is up, I don't feel as irritable and my nip isn't as sensitive. I also feel like I'm retaining less water, since I appear more lean, and I immediately dropped 5 lbs. after cessation of use. aggravating


It also seems to flare up if I drink too much coffee.


[quote]benchaffleck wrote:
It also seems to flare up if I drink too much coffee.

Could be that your diet is too acidic -maybe cut back on stuff like dairy and up your greens a lot.

Rez-v also something to try after coming off the forskolin


I would go by your own experience, that the product you are using appears unsuited to you due to this side effect you experience.

I would not recommend anyone take a gram per day of low purity, 20% forskolin product.

I know of no evidence that forskolin itself, even at the high dose of 100 mg twice per day, would have this effect. However, the product you are taking also is providing 400 mg twice per day of other herbal compounds. A fairly wide spectrum of active but poorly characterized products are known to be present in Coleus forskohlii root.

Extract of another Coleus species is known to be able to increase lactation, but the compound within it that does this is unknown. Whether low purity Coleus forskohlii root extract contains that material is unknown, but could be possible.

In any case I’d go by your own experience, and if wishing to use forskolin, use a purified product.