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Too Much for Back?


Is this too much for back?

Deads 4 sets
Lat pull downs 4
Barbell rows 4
DB rows 3
DB pull overs 3

I was thinking of either A) dropping the pull overs or DB rows or B) doing 3 sets of everything, except 4 for deads.



That all depends on how well you respond to volume. 18 sets is pretty high volume, but some people respond better to that. I've tried everything, and 20 sets/body part works best for me, so the only way to find out if that's too much for your back is to try it out and keep track of your results.


My dad/some huge guy at my gym said the same thing. I'm only 17, so I guess I have a lot of time to figure out what works.


What you could do is divide the volume into 2 weekly sessions ... example:

Barbell row

Lat pulldown
DB rowing
Pullover (I prefer with a pullover machine ... probably one of the only exercises which is better performed with a machine instead of free-weights).


Speaking of the pullover, I definitely agree with Christian. I personally prefer a standing pullover from a high cable attachment even to the machine, but yes, it's one of those rare exercises where something besides free weights actually seems to be giving better results.

And just as always, keep switching up those back exercises. Just changing your hand placement a bit will keep that progress coming. (wide grip pulldown change to close grip underhand, change the grip width of your bent over rows... etc. etc.)